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1 Kane County Independent1912-04-11issue
2 Kane County Independent1912-04-111page
3 Kane County Independent1912-04-111unclassified
4 Kane County Independent1912-04-111Jurors April Term of Courtarticle
5 Kane County Independent1912-04-111Millions to Vote as Onearticle
6 Kane County Independent1912-04-111Mining Boom Bustedarticle
7 Kane County Independent1912-04-111Glendale Briefsarticle
8 Kane County Independent1912-04-111Johnson Briefsarticle
9 Kane County Independent1912-04-111Mt. Carmel Itemsarticle
10 Kane County Independent1912-04-111No More Quarantine for Smallpoxarticle
11 Kane County Independent1912-04-111Improvementarticle
12 Kane County Independent1912-04-111Praises Womans Relief Societyarticle
13 Kane County Independent1912-04-112unclassified
14 Kane County Independent1912-04-112page
15 Kane County Independent1912-04-112Finds Young Son after a Long Searcharticle
16 Kane County Independent1912-04-112Ants' Nests Divert Fashionable Cityarticle
17 Kane County Independent1912-04-112Was Bitten by Bloodthirsty Barbastelarticle
18 Kane County Independent1912-04-112The Safe Laxative for Elderly Peoplearticle
19 Kane County Independent1912-04-112General Itemsarticle
20 Kane County Independent1912-04-112General Itemsarticle
21 Kane County Independent1912-04-112Same Old Storyarticle
22 Kane County Independent1912-04-113page
23 Kane County Independent1912-04-113article
24 Kane County Independent1912-04-113advertisement
25 Kane County Independent1912-04-113Ought to be All Rightarticle
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