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1 Salt Lake Telegram1919-02-013Influenza Dying out in Californiaarticle
2 Salt Lake Telegram1919-03-1424Report Made on Influenza Reliefarticle
3 Salt Lake Telegram1918-07-243Influenza Rages in Swiss Armyarticle
4 Salt Lake Telegram1919-11-173To Prevent Influenzaarticle
5 Salt Lake Telegram1919-02-0511Fifty Husky Lads Offer Selves for Influenza Testsarticle
6 Salt Lake Telegram1919-01-012Red Cross Open to Supply Nursesarticle
7 Salt Lake Telegram1918-09-263U. S. Opens Big Fight on 'Flu'article
8 Salt Lake Telegram1919-03-123Death by Flu of One in 18 Held Too Highdeath
9 Salt Lake Telegram1919-01-282Pneumonia Cause of Death of Hogs worth $15,000article
10 Salt Lake Telegram1918-10-215Influenzaarticle
11 Salt Lake Telegram1919-01-115Much Alcohol is Used in Decemberarticle
12 Salt Lake Telegram1919-03-173Influenza Reappearsarticle
13 Salt Lake Telegram1919-04-022'Sleep Death' Worry Keeps Many Awakearticle
14 Salt Lake Telegram1918-11-167Influenza Takes Husband and Wife within Few Hoursarticle
15 Salt Lake Telegram1918-12-146Influenza Recedingarticle
16 Salt Lake Telegram1919-03-041613 New Cases of Influenza Reportedarticle
17 Salt Lake Telegram1919-01-212Influenza Cases for Day Total 118article
18 Salt Lake Telegram1919-02-147Fifteen Cases of Influenza Reportedarticle
19 Salt Lake Telegram1919-01-102Three Deaths from Influenza Reportedarticle
20 Salt Lake Telegram1919-02-182Thirteen Cases of Influenza Listedarticle
21 Salt Lake Telegram1919-02-21423 New Cases of Influenza Reportedarticle
22 Salt Lake Telegram1918-09-2414Boston is Hard Hit by Fluarticle
23 Salt Lake Telegram1919-02-26912 Influenza Cases Reported in Cityarticle
24 Salt Lake Telegram1919-04-055Influenza Cases.article
25 Salt Lake Telegram1918-09-23114500 Sailors "Spiz" Victimsarticle
26 Salt Lake Telegram1920-02-0231918 U. S. Death Rate Breaks Grim Recordarticle
27 Salt Lake Telegram1918-09-2015Spanish Influenza Kills Swede Princearticle
28 Salt Lake Telegram1918-12-255Medical Officer Dead of Influenzaarticle
29 Salt Lake Telegram1918-10-292Nebraska to Lift Ban on Influenzaarticle
30 Salt Lake Telegram1918-12-0911Paraguay is Hard Hit by Influenzaarticle
31 Salt Lake Telegram1919-01-281416 Influenza Cases Reported in Ogdenarticle
32 Salt Lake Telegram1919-04-2110Visiting Day Resumed.article
33 Salt Lake Telegram1919-07-041Buenos Aires is Hard Hit by New Influenza Epidemicarticle
34 Salt Lake Telegram1920-11-2135Flu is Banished for Many Yearsarticle
35 Salt Lake Telegram1917-08-098Horses Dying of Influenza in Utaharticle
36 Salt Lake Telegram1918-10-032Senator King is Influenza Victimarticle
37 Salt Lake Telegram1918-11-307Heber D. Wells is Influenza Victimarticle
38 Salt Lake Telegram1918-12-0510Bacchus Calls for Influenza Nursesarticle
39 Salt Lake Telegram1919-02-144Influenza Takes Flight from Camparticle
40 Salt Lake Telegram1919-03-2620Influenza Casesarticle
41 Salt Lake Telegram1918-09-2013Cover Your Sneeze to Prevent Diseasearticle
42 Salt Lake Telegram1918-12-246Provo Removes Influenza Bansarticle
43 Salt Lake Telegram1919-01-2211Every Lawmakers is Tested for Feversarticle
44 Salt Lake Telegram1919-07-3110Cattle Disease Solved.article
45 Salt Lake Telegram1920-03-1713Child's Body Brought Herearticle
46 Salt Lake Telegram1918-10-041Haig Drives Huns into Open Countryarticle
47 Salt Lake Telegram1918-09-289Million Voted to Combat Influenzaarticle
48 Salt Lake Telegram1919-01-1423000 Tahitians Are Dead of Influenzaarticle
49 Salt Lake Telegram1918-09-251422,972 Men in Camps Have Influenzaarticle
50 Salt Lake Telegram1918-10-2314Ogden Hard Hit by Influenzaarticle
51 Salt Lake Telegram1918-10-257Brothers Die of Influenza in Ogdendeath
52 Salt Lake Telegram1919-01-305Flu Experts Comingarticle
53 Salt Lake Telegram1919-02-2414Widow of Oyama Dies of Influenzadeath
54 Salt Lake Telegram1918-10-309Relief Fund for Flu Victims to be Raisedarticle
55 Salt Lake Telegram1919-01-217Attorney General in Clutches of Impartial Lawarticle
56 Salt Lake Telegram1919-06-072Influenza Hits Tribe of Indiansarticle
57 Salt Lake Telegram1919-01-086John H. Lee is Influenza Victimarticle
58 Salt Lake Telegram1919-01-0212Charles Barnett Dies of Influenzadeath
59 Salt Lake Telegram1918-12-1814Influenza Grips Arctic Districtarticle
60 Salt Lake Telegram1919-01-0711Deaths Here to Influenzaarticle
61 Salt Lake Telegram1919-04-235Coal Shortage in Australia, Reportarticle
62 Salt Lake Telegram1920-02-282Physician Dies of Sleeping Sicknessdeath
63 Salt Lake Telegram1918-11-224The Influenza Epidemicarticle
64 Salt Lake Telegram1918-11-027Abatement of Influenza in State Notedarticle
65 Salt Lake Telegram1920-03-2615Monkey's Assist in Medical Workarticle
66 Salt Lake Telegram1918-09-2015Spanish Influenza at Training Campsarticle
67 Salt Lake Telegram1919-01-0710Deaths Here due to Influenzaarticle
68 Salt Lake Telegram1919-02-2816Influenza Makes Litschi Rich, So He Quits Gamearticle
69 Salt Lake Telegram1918-07-1310Epidemic of Influenza Threatens Whole Worldarticle
70 Salt Lake Telegram1918-09-202Beware the Kiss! Germs of Deadly Spanish Influenza Spread by Osculatory Performancearticle
71 Salt Lake Telegram1918-10-1813Arthur Morse Moon Dies of Influenza at Helena, Montanadeath
72 Salt Lake Telegram1918-10-2112Food Regulations Are Halted by Influenzaarticle
73 Salt Lake Telegram1918-10-172Flu Newsdeath
74 Salt Lake Telegram1918-12-1210Doctors Disagree on Regulating Influenzaarticle
75 Salt Lake Telegram1920-09-142Society Woman Called by Death.article
76 Salt Lake Telegram1919-09-032Utahns be Stow Large Sums in Insurance Benefitsarticle
77 Salt Lake Telegram1918-09-268Spanish Influenza Halts Ball Gamearticle
78 Salt Lake Telegram1919-02-087A Just Petitionarticle
79 Salt Lake Telegram1919-12-243advertisement
80 Salt Lake Telegram1918-11-283Whisky Needed to Save Lives Say Physiciansarticle
81 Salt Lake Telegram1918-12-0412Utah Cadet Flier Dies of Influenzaarticle
82 Salt Lake Telegram1918-10-127Special Hospital for Influenza Patients is Openedarticle
83 Salt Lake Telegram1918-10-198Influenza Victimarticle
84 Salt Lake Telegram1918-10-0813Influenza Hits Hun Armiesarticle
85 Salt Lake Telegram1918-12-122Influenza Warning Issued by Surgeonarticle
86 Salt Lake Telegram1918-12-316Red Cross Notesarticle
87 Salt Lake Telegram1919-04-25175 Million Dead of Flu in Indiaarticle
88 Salt Lake Telegram1918-10-1810Influenza Continues Alarming Spreadarticle
89 Salt Lake Telegram1919-01-042Cases of Influenza Listedarticle
90 Salt Lake Telegram1919-03-273Colds Cause Grip and Influenzaarticle
91 Salt Lake Telegram1918-12-21225 New Cases of Influenza Reportedarticle
92 Salt Lake Telegram1918-12-304advertisement
93 Salt Lake Telegram1920-12-0120Surgeon General Reports Army Healtharticle
94 Salt Lake Telegram1918-10-0810Influenza Dodged by Supreme Courtarticle
95 Salt Lake Telegram1918-10-162Cody's Daughter is Influenza Victimarticle
96 Salt Lake Telegram1918-10-319Funeral of Mrs. Jansenarticle
97 Salt Lake Telegram1918-11-228Col. House Suffers Influenza Attackarticle
98 Salt Lake Telegram1919-01-178162 New Cases Flu Are Reported Herearticle
99 Salt Lake Telegram1918-10-075Marine Brigadier General Dies of Influenza at Campdeath
100 Salt Lake Telegram1918-10-172Alleged Bandit Dies of Influenzaarticle
101 Salt Lake Telegram1920-08-206Cummins Unchangedarticle
102 Salt Lake Telegram1919-03-221Sleep Death" Strikes down Young and Aged-What is it?article
103 Salt Lake Telegram1919-02-074Big Decrease in Flu Cases Shownarticle
104 Salt Lake Telegram1919-02-132Librarian Recoversarticle
105 Salt Lake Telegram1918-11-1512153 New Cases of Influenza in Ogdenarticle
106 Salt Lake Telegram1918-11-1520Influenza Claims Another Playerarticle
107 Salt Lake Telegram1918-12-191Former Emperor and 4 Children Have Influenzaarticle
108 Salt Lake Telegram1919-04-028Death Rate due to Flu Declinesarticle
109 Salt Lake Telegram1920-10-303Prevent Grip and Influenzaarticle
110 Salt Lake Telegram1920-11-2824Influenza Victimarticle
111 Salt Lake Telegram1918-11-262Ogden Influenza Situation Seriousarticle
112 Salt Lake Telegram1919-02-137Chiropractors Cite Influenza Statisticsarticle
113 Salt Lake Telegram1920-03-0611Pope Wards off Flu by Exercisearticle
114 Salt Lake Telegram1918-11-187Death Prize Won by Flu Mars Takes Second Place Scourge Worse than Wardeath
115 Salt Lake Telegram1918-10-2211Noted Law Expert Dies of Influenzaarticle
116 Salt Lake Telegram1918-10-2514Provo Grocer is Dead of Influenzadeath
117 Salt Lake Telegram1918-10-287Influenza Delays Delivery of Bondsarticle
118 Salt Lake Telegram1918-10-301B. of R. T. Official Influenza Victimarticle
119 Salt Lake Telegram1918-11-012Wilbert Howard is Influenza Victimarticle
120 Salt Lake Telegram1918-11-076Ogden Influenza Situation Improvesarticle
121 Salt Lake Telegram1918-11-209Auditor Ririe is Ill of Influenzaarticle
122 Salt Lake Telegram1919-03-209Denies Smoke is Killing Animalsarticle
123 Salt Lake Telegram1918-11-252advertisement
124 Salt Lake Telegram1918-11-267Epidemic is Now on Downward Curvearticle
125 Salt Lake Telegram1918-09-252"Flu" Has Missed Salt Lake as Yetarticle
126 Salt Lake Telegram1918-10-0311Another Influenza Victim at Collegearticle
127 Salt Lake Telegram1918-10-227Influenza Takes Two in One Familyarticle
128 Salt Lake Telegram1918-10-282Spanish Influenza Sweeping Mexicoarticle
129 Salt Lake Telegram1918-11-197Aid for Alaska Influenza Victimsarticle
130 Salt Lake Telegram1918-12-102Prominent Priest Dies of Influenzaarticle
131 Salt Lake Telegram1918-12-258Only Ten Cases of Influenza Reportedarticle
132 Salt Lake Telegram1918-12-2715Coalville Lifts Influenza Banarticle
133 Salt Lake Telegram1919-03-0510Clifford Hart is Buried Saturdayarticle
134 Salt Lake Telegram1919-04-1110Flu Reported through Australiaarticle
135 Salt Lake Telegram1920-11-1915Japan is Ready to Fight "Flu"article
136 Salt Lake Telegram1918-10-221Flu Stops Classes at University of Arziona; 157 Casesarticle
137 Salt Lake Telegram1918-10-249James Warden Jr. Ill of Influenzaarticle
138 Salt Lake Telegram1918-11-292Influenza Claims Third in Familyarticle
139 Salt Lake Telegram1919-03-319Double Funeral Held at Provodeath
140 Salt Lake Telegram1918-11-065You May Cheer a Yankee on Christmasarticle
141 Salt Lake Telegram1919-06-135Meningitis Fatal to Mrs. A. F. Dyerdeath
142 Salt Lake Telegram1918-10-0913Durable Dane Has Influenzaarticle
143 Salt Lake Telegram1918-11-0210Jim Thorpe, Great Athlete, Loses His Son by Influenzaarticle
144 Salt Lake Telegram1918-11-1517Edna Lawrence is Influenza Victimarticle
145 Salt Lake Telegram1919-11-2918Diphtheria Among Troops Reportedarticle
146 Salt Lake Telegram1918-10-319Detectives Claim to Have Famous Crookarticle
147 Salt Lake Telegram1918-12-022It's Wonderful Says Physicianarticle
148 Salt Lake Telegram1920-09-069Influenza Fatal to Polynesiansarticle
149 Salt Lake Telegram1918-10-267Mrs. Jonas P. Ryser Influenza Victimarticle
150 Salt Lake Telegram1918-11-029Salt Lake Soldier Influenza Victimarticle
151 Salt Lake Telegram1918-11-128Influenza Claims Two in Brighamarticle
152 Salt Lake Telegram1918-12-06437 Die of Flu in Denver in Dayarticle
153 Salt Lake Telegram1918-12-1711Flu Situation is Steadily Improvingarticle
154 Salt Lake Telegram1918-12-183Education Drive on Flu is Plannedarticle
155 Salt Lake Telegram1919-01-107advertisement
156 Salt Lake Telegram1918-10-128Influenza Causes Postponement of Many Grid Games in Middle Westarticle
157 Salt Lake Telegram1918-10-2513Wife Joins Mate in Death Both Influenza Victims Parents Bringing Bodyarticle
158 Salt Lake Telegram1917-12-073Lloyd George Ill; Breaks Engagementarticle
159 Salt Lake Telegram1918-10-1820Willie Ritchie is Ill with Influenzaarticle
160 Salt Lake Telegram1918-10-228Throats Cut to Cure Influenzaarticle
161 Salt Lake Telegram1918-11-05261 New Influenza Cases in Ogdenarticle
162 Salt Lake Telegram1918-10-1616Spanish Influenza Claims Ogden Manarticle
163 Salt Lake Telegram1918-11-0512James C. Bawden Influenza Victimarticle
164 Salt Lake Telegram1918-11-1610Deathsdeath
165 Salt Lake Telegram1919-03-318Support Teachersarticle
166 Salt Lake Telegram1919-12-1211Congress is Flayed by Governor of Alaskaarticle
167 Salt Lake Telegram1918-07-319Health Rate High at Camp Lewisarticle
168 Salt Lake Telegram1918-08-14155 Passengers Die of Strange Diseasearticle
169 Salt Lake Telegram1918-10-239Influenza Halts Police Court Grindarticle
170 Salt Lake Telegram1918-11-156Influenza in Army Finally Checked Surgeons Declarearticle
171 Salt Lake Telegram1918-11-196Wearing Influenza Masks to be Made Mandatory in Provoarticle
172 Salt Lake Telegram1918-11-229Evanston Shopmen Organize Unionarticle
173 Salt Lake Telegram1918-11-273Ogden Enforcing Drastic Ordersarticle
174 Salt Lake Telegram1918-12-0510Mrs. R. E. Kyle is Dead of Influenzadeath
175 Salt Lake Telegram1918-12-146Volunteer Nurse Diesarticle
176 Salt Lake Telegram1918-12-243Leprosy Expert Dies of Influenzadeath
177 Salt Lake Telegram1919-01-073Jury Trials Now to be Resumedarticle
178 Salt Lake Telegram1919-01-0993 Brors Die of Flu; Fourth Illarticle
179 Salt Lake Telegram1919-01-142Claud Wright Deaddeath
180 Salt Lake Telegram1919-03-193Public Warned to Guard Against Fluarticle
181 Salt Lake Telegram1918-10-179Flu Nurses Are Greatly in Demandarticle
182 Salt Lake Telegram1918-12-027Epidemic Dying out, Beatty Assertsarticle
183 Salt Lake Telegram1918-10-149Flu Expert to Fight Epidemicarticle
184 Salt Lake Telegram1918-11-253Wyoming Puts Flu Lid on Againarticle
185 Salt Lake Telegram1918-12-022Ogden Elks' Club is Flu Hospitalarticle
186 Salt Lake Telegram1919-01-0315Wed in Cemetery to Stop Influenzawedding
187 Salt Lake Telegram1919-01-072Jury Trials Now to be Resumedarticle
188 Salt Lake Telegram1919-03-2511Modern Woodmen in Financial Straitsarticle
189 Salt Lake Telegram1919-08-2614Recurrence of Flu Epidemic Unlikelyarticle
190 Salt Lake Telegram1919-01-1514advertisement
191 Salt Lake Telegram1918-10-229Influenza Takes Mrs. E. N. Seligmanarticle
192 Salt Lake Telegram1918-11-153U. S. Marines Fight Influenza in Italyarticle
193 Salt Lake Telegram1918-10-23920,000 Influenza Cases in Utaharticle
194 Salt Lake Telegram1918-12-282advertisement
195 Salt Lake Telegram1918-10-159Scores of Influenza Patients in Utah Suffer for Lack of Nursesarticle
196 Salt Lake Telegram1918-10-197Wearing 'Flu' Mask Mandatory in Provoarticle
197 Salt Lake Telegram1918-10-172Influenza Worse than Hun Bulletsarticle
198 Salt Lake Telegram1918-10-1822Influenza Worse than Hun Bulletsarticle
199 Salt Lake Telegram1918-10-191So the People May Knowarticle
200 Salt Lake Telegram1918-11-011Court in Open Air to Fight influenzaarticle
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