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1 Salt Lake Telegram1919-09-3011Amendment for Suffrage Passed by Utah Housearticle
2 Richfield Reaper1916-09-168Local Women Form Societyarticle
3 Ephraim Enterprise1919-09-274Special Session of Utah Legislaturearticle
4 Richfield Reaper1927-06-301Citizens Ask for More City Water; Bonds in Demandarticle
5 Salt Lake Tribune1919-09-307J. E. Heppler is Chosen Speakerarticle
6 Woman's Exponent1890-06-157page
7 Woman's Exponent1889-04-015page
8 Salt Lake Tribune1919-10-0118Suffrage Ratified by House, Now Goes to Chief Executivearticle
9 Parowan Times1919-10-083Special Session of Utah Legislaturearticle
10 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1919-09-301Solons of Utah Now in Sessionarticle
11 Richfield Reaper1926-07-017Our Legal Departmentarticle
12 Bear River Valley Leader1943-10-281page
13 Salt Lake Tribune1919-09-281Legislature to Open Tomorrowarticle
14 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1919-09-291Utah Legislature Meets Today; Steel Strike Battle Tightensarticle
15 Richfield Reaper1926-06-247advertisement
16 Bear River Valley Leader1943-11-045page
17 Bear River Valley Leader1919-03-065page
18 Salt Lake Tribune1919-01-1610page
19 Salt Lake Telegram1923-01-077Legislatures in Utah Statehood Total Fourteenarticle
20 Beaver Press1951-11-021page
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