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201 Gunnison Gazette1919-01-176Utah Legislature Now in Sessionarticle
202 Ephraim Enterprise1919-01-183Utah Legislature Now in Sessionarticle
203 Washington County News1919-02-201Newspaper Bills Pass the Housearticle
204 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1919-02-2510Feeble-Minded Home Proposed by Mrs. Aireyarticle
205 Salt Lake Telegram1919-02-25312 Bills Are Passed in Housearticle
206 Millard County Chronicle1919-02-2713Legislative Notesarticle
207 Davis County Clipper1919-02-287Legislative Notesarticle
208 Gunnison Gazette1919-02-287Legislative Notesarticle
209 Salt Lake Telegram1919-02-282Education Bill Passed by Housearticle
210 Ephraim Enterprise1919-03-017Legislative Notes.article
211 Salt Lake Telegram1919-03-037Human Reconstructionarticle
212 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1919-03-0410'Missus Speaker'article
213 Beaver County News1919-03-053Legislative Notesarticle
214 Bear River Valley Leader1919-03-065page
215 Davis County Clipper1919-03-077At the Capitolarticle
216 Gunnison Gazette1919-03-077At the Capitolarticle
217 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1919-03-077At the Capitolarticle
218 Ephraim Enterprise1919-03-087At the Capitol.article
219 Emery County Progress1919-03-082page
220 Millard County Chronicle1919-03-136Against Welfarearticle
221 Salt Lake Tribune1919-03-181Bills Die as Overtime Session is Concludeddeath
222 Salt Lake Telegram1919-06-2816Society Flittingsarticle
223 Salt Lake Tribune1919-07-195Societyarticle
224 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1919-08-2812Utah Osteopaths in Western Associationarticle
225 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1919-08-3136Babies to Coo at Conventionarticle
201 - 225 of 334