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201 Sugar House Bulletin1949-08-193Newly Married Robert E. Borg Couple Feted at Garden Reception after Temple Riteswedding
202 Sugar House Bulletin1949-08-263Brown Sisters Set Double Wedding Rites September 1 in Salt Lake templewedding
203 Sugar House Bulletin1949-09-166S. L. Temple Rites will Unite Popular Couplewedding
204 Sugar House Bulletin1949-09-166Loralee Parshe Weds Harold Heinzwedding
205 Sugar House Bulletin1949-09-303Darlene Speery to Wed Robert Williamswedding
206 Sugar House Bulletin1949-10-143Heugly-Eldredge Wedding Setwedding
207 Sugar House Bulletin1949-10-287John Edward Chooses Massachusettes Bridewedding
208 Sugar House Bulletin1949-11-043Hoyce Bowen Becomes Bride of Dean L. Maughan in Salt Lake LDS Temple Rites October 28wedding
209 Sugar House Bulletin1949-11-117Couple Holds Golden Wedding Anniversarywedding
210 Sugar House Bulletin1949-12-023Lovely Bridewedding
211 Sugar House Bulletin1949-12-233Nonie Nelson and Maynard M. Sorensen Exchange LDS Wedding Vows at Thursday Morning Riteswedding
212 Sugar House Bulletin1950-02-245Societywedding
213 Sugar House Bulletin1950-03-037S. H. Couples Plans Weddingswedding
214 Sugar House Bulletin1950-03-103Glenna Belnap to Wedwedding
215 Sugar House Bulletin1950-03-173Midgley-Gowans Wedding Scheduled for March 30wedding
216 Sugar House Bulletin1950-03-243Miss Strobel Weds S. H. Manwedding
217 Sugar House Bulletin1950-03-313Wedding Bells Ring may 5 for Miss Kimballwedding
218 Sugar House Bulletin1950-04-073Miss Farley Weds Fred Goldthorpewedding
219 Sugar House Bulletin1950-04-073Wed in Templewedding
220 Sugar House Bulletin1950-04-144Virginia Courtnay's Bride Booklet Freewedding
221 Sugar House Bulletin1950-04-213Zobrist, Bendrup Married in Slat Lake Tamplewedding
222 Sugar House Bulletin1950-05-123Ardith Kimball Weds in S. L. Templewedding
223 Sugar House Bulletin1950-05-263R. Fankhauser Weds in Templewedding
224 Sugar House Bulletin1950-06-163Lovely Bridewedding
225 Sugar House Bulletin1950-06-232Around the Corner in Sugar Housewedding
201 - 225 of 496