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201 Milford News1935-08-011Local Young Folks Wedwedding
202 Milford News1935-08-081Leave to be Present at Wedding of Sonwedding
203 Milford News1935-08-221Shower is Given for Bride-to-Bewedding
204 Milford News1935-08-221Bride Honored with Showers by Friendswedding
205 Milford News1935-08-221Two Young People Married Thursdaywedding
206 Milford News1935-09-121Engagement Announcedwedding
207 Milford News1935-09-191Couple of Former Milford People Wedwedding
208 Milford News1935-09-291L. R. Fournier is Married Upstatewedding
209 Milford News1935-10-031Entertains Bridge Clubwedding
210 Milford News1935-10-178Marriage Announcedwedding
211 Milford News1935-11-281Couple Celebrates Golden Weddingwedding
212 Milford News1935-11-288Warner-Beard Marriagewedding
213 Milford News1935-12-051Weds in New Yorkwedding
214 Milford News1935-12-055Royal Whitehall Palace where Henry Viii Marriedwedding
215 Milford News1935-12-0512Married Them Allwedding
216 Milford News1935-12-261Married in Piochewedding
217 Milford News1936-01-091Septuagenarians are Issued License to Wedwedding
218 Milford News1936-02-063Mass Marriage of Chinese in Shanghaiwedding
219 Milford News1936-02-067We Marry Earlierwedding
220 Milford News1936-02-138Young People Wedwedding
221 Milford News1936-02-201Entertain Friends on Anniversarywedding
222 Milford News1936-02-278The Marriage Problemwedding
223 Milford News1936-04-231Marriage Announcedwedding
224 Milford News1936-05-211Two Couples Spring Wedding Surpriseswedding
225 Milford News1936-05-211Milford Young People Married in Las Vegaswedding
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