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201 Springville Herald1925-07-101Mrs. Done's Mother Deaddeath
202 Springville Herald1925-07-101Little Girl has Narrow Death Escapedeath
203 Springville Herald1925-07-101Many Die from Heat Wavedeath
204 Springville Herald1925-07-313Pioneer of Lindon Dies in Accidentdeath
205 Springville Herald1925-07-313Mapleton Farmer Diesdeath
206 Springville Herald1925-08-071Mrs. Haynes Called Homedeath
207 Springville Herald1925-08-072Heart Failure Cause of Deathdeath
208 Springville Herald1925-08-074Talks at own Funeraldeath
209 Springville Herald1925-08-141Springville Man is Deaddeath
210 Springville Herald1925-08-144Aged Salem Woman Diesdeath
211 Springville Herald1925-08-211Poor Repairs Cause Death of 32 Peopledeath
212 Springville Herald1925-08-211Springville Man Dies in Salt Lake Citydeath
213 Springville Herald1925-08-211Death Claims Payson Girldeath
214 Springville Herald1925-08-212Salt Lake Dentist Diesdeath
215 Springville Herald1925-08-281Geo. H. Noakes Laid to Restdeath
216 Springville Herald1925-09-042Woman Called by Deathdeath
217 Springville Herald1925-09-111Aged Woman [Illegible] to Call of Deathdeath
218 Springville Herald1925-09-111Gun Wound Proves Fatal to Mexicandeath
219 Springville Herald1925-09-112Crosses for Death Spotsdeath
220 Springville Herald1925-09-251Springville Pioneer Diesdeath
221 Springville Herald1925-09-253Payson Native Passes Awaydeath
222 Springville Herald1925-10-021Aged Citizen Goes to Restdeath
223 Springville Herald1925-10-021Young Girl Passes Awaydeath
224 Springville Herald1925-10-021Springville Woman Dies in Salt Lakedeath
225 Springville Herald1925-10-023Death Calls Aged Womandeath
201 - 225 of 5,469