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201 Richfield Reaper1915-10-143Carpenters' Leader Deaddeath
202 Richfield Reaper1915-10-211Wm. M. Cowley Dies at Age of 79 Yearsdeath
203 Richfield Reaper1915-10-213Found Dead in Bathtubdeath
204 Richfield Reaper1915-10-213Carpenters' Leader Deaddeath
205 Richfield Reaper1915-10-216Mosquito Bites Caused Deathdeath
206 Richfield Reaper1915-10-281Aged Monroe Citizen Diesdeath
207 Richfield Reaper1915-10-283When Death Supervenusdeath
208 Richfield Reaper1915-11-042Face Death to Keep Telephone Lines Workingdeath
209 Richfield Reaper1915-11-111Aged Lady Burned to Deathdeath
210 Richfield Reaper1915-11-111C. C. Sorenson Diesdeath
211 Richfield Reaper1915-12-161Werner Funeral Held Sundaydeath
212 Richfield Reaper1915-12-166Dies at Age of 115death
213 Richfield Reaper1915-12-166Father and Son Killeddeath
214 Richfield Reaper1915-12-167Murder in Nevadadeath
215 Richfield Reaper1916-11-181Obituarydeath
216 Richfield Reaper1917-01-201Death of Aged Pioneer Womandeath
217 Richfield Reaper1917-01-274Death Claims Joseph Lay after a Long Illnessdeath
218 Richfield Reaper1917-01-274Obituarydeath
219 Richfield Reaper1917-02-171Death of Two Local Womendeath
220 Richfield Reaper1917-02-171Funeral Services Held Sunday for Pioneer Ladydeath
221 Richfield Reaper1917-03-241Arthur E. Howard, Local Editor Dies of Pneumonia after Illness of Four Days; Comes as Blow to His Many Friendsdeath
222 Richfield Reaper1917-03-245Dies at the Age of Seventy - Two Yearsdeath
223 Richfield Reaper1917-03-248Samuel Kay Deaddeath
224 Richfield Reaper1917-04-074Well Known Salina Girl Dies at Local Hospitaldeath
225 Richfield Reaper1917-04-285Funeral Services Held for Aged Third Ward Ladydeath
201 - 225 of 934