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201 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-04-102Rebels Burning Bodiesdeath
202 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-04-102Lumber King Called by Deathdeath
203 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-04-102City Spattered with Blooddeath
204 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-04-102Noted Irishman Deaddeath
205 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-04-102Two Die from Frightdeath
206 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-04-171An Aged Pioneer of Mount Pleasant Diesdeath
207 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-04-172Sentenced to Deathdeath
208 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-04-172Gunmen Put to Deathdeath
209 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-04-246Thirteen Meet Death in Battle in Coloradodeath
210 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-04-246Eight Meet Death in Firedeath
211 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-05-012Father of Playwright Deaddeath
212 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-05-017Collieries Scene of Catastrophedeath
213 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-05-084Solemn Honors Paid by Fleet to Vera Cruz Dead as Bodies are Started on way to Northdeath
214 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-05-086General Sickles Calleddeath
215 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-05-086Two Wounded Sailors Diedeath
216 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-05-151Large Attendance at Funeraldeath
217 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-05-156Four Burned to Deathdeath
218 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-05-156Pay Tribute to Vera Cruz Heroesdeath
219 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-05-224Fairviewdeath
220 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-05-225Cause of Deathdeath
221 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-05-229Funeral of Men Killed at Vera Cruzdeath
222 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-05-291Sudden Death Comes to Milan R. Andersondeath
223 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-05-291Talented Young Ladies Soon to Return Homedeath
224 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-05-291Many People come for Funeral of M. R. Andersondeath
225 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-05-292Jacon Riss Deaddeath
201 - 225 of 3,751