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201 Lehi Sun1922-10-123Wills Self to Die, and Doesdeath
202 Lehi Sun1922-10-193Brother of Secretary of State Diesdeath
203 Lehi Sun1922-11-093Train Robbers Shot to Deathdeath
204 Lehi Sun1922-11-163Revenue Collector Diesdeath
205 Lehi Sun1922-11-231Death Claims Baby of Mr. and Mrs. John Pricedeath
206 Lehi Sun1922-11-234Funeral Held Here for Man Who Lost Life in Binghamdeath
207 Lehi Sun1922-11-301Daughter Diesdeath
208 Lehi Sun1922-12-075Baby of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Carter Called by Deathdeath
209 Lehi Sun1922-12-075Twins Buried Heredeath
210 Lehi Sun1922-12-148Mitchell Infant Passes Awaydeath
211 Lehi Sun1922-12-148Cousins Both Die of Heart Troubledeath
212 Lehi Sun1922-12-211Mother of Large Family Called by Deathdeath
213 Lehi Sun1922-12-211Former Lehi Woman Diesdeath
214 Lehi Sun1922-12-281Whimpey Babe Buried Heredeath
215 Lehi Sun1922-12-281Young Lady Buried Heredeath
216 Lehi Sun1922-12-284Nobody Envies a Dead Mandeath
217 Lehi Sun1923-01-041Mrs. George Austin Will be Buried Heredeath
218 Lehi Sun1923-01-041Girl Who Died of Diphtheria Buried Heredeath
219 Lehi Sun1923-01-111Mrs. George Austin Buried in Salt Lakedeath
220 Lehi Sun1923-01-111Infant Buried Heredeath
221 Lehi Sun1923-01-112Auto Racer Meets Deathdeath
222 Lehi Sun1923-01-117Death in the Bee Swarmdeath
223 Lehi Sun1923-01-182172 Indians Face Deathdeath
224 Lehi Sun1923-01-182Utilities Head Chairman Diesdeath
225 Lehi Sun1923-01-182Deposed Ruler of Greece Diesdeath
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