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201 Uintah Basin Standard1960-01-148Funeral Held at Neola for Edith L. Knowlesdeath
202 Uintah Basin Standard1960-01-288Funeral Services Held Jan. 22 for Elda Pearsondeath
203 Uintah Basin Standard1960-01-288"Bam" Etheridge Attends Dad's Funeral in Southdeath
204 Uintah Basin Standard1960-02-045Attends Funeraldeath
205 Uintah Basin Standard1960-02-0412Brother Dies in Calif. Suddenlydeath
206 Uintah Basin Standard1960-02-254H. Axel Pierson Dies in Californiadeath
207 Uintah Basin Standard1960-03-037Father Dies at Home of Daughter Heredeath
208 Uintah Basin Standard1960-03-104Funeral Services Held for Judy Wilkersondeath
209 Uintah Basin Standard1960-04-148Mother of Alex Sullivan Dies in Logandeath
210 Uintah Basin Standard1960-04-287Church and Civic Leader Dies; Buried April 23death
211 Uintah Basin Standard1960-05-058Funeral Held for Mrs. Mae Arbuckledeath
212 Uintah Basin Standard1960-05-1210Driver of Death Car Gets One to Ten Yearsdeath
213 Uintah Basin Standard1960-06-028Mother of Mrs. Stringham Diesdeath
214 Uintah Basin Standard1960-06-0212Martha Johnson Dies in SLC after Operationdeath
215 Uintah Basin Standard1960-06-236Funeral Rites Planned for Joseph Marxdeath
216 Uintah Basin Standard1960-06-301Funeral for Orville Atwine Set for Fridaydeath
217 Uintah Basin Standard1960-06-306Basin Resident Dies at 86; Funeral Mondaydeath
218 Uintah Basin Standard1960-07-073Funeral Services Held June 27 for Joseph Marxdeath
219 Uintah Basin Standard1960-07-287Attended Funeraldeath
220 Uintah Basin Standard1960-08-186Funeral Services Held for Father of Mrs. Orlando Racheledeath
221 Uintah Basin Standard1960-08-255Funeral Rites Held for Jessup Thomasdeath
222 Uintah Basin Standard1960-09-011Roosevelt Wac Killed in Airplane Accidentdeath
223 Uintah Basin Standard1960-09-016Nikita Vozakis Funeral is Helddeath
224 Uintah Basin Standard1960-09-017Member of Ute Tribe Dies; Funeral Aug. 27death
225 Uintah Basin Standard1960-09-084Baby Diesdeath
201 - 225 of 504