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201 Salt Lake Democrat1886-08-254Funeral of A. S. Pattersondeath
202 Salt Lake Democrat1886-09-012Local Newsdeath
203 Salt Lake Democrat1886-09-014Nick Lawless Deaddeath
204 Salt Lake Democrat1886-09-014Dieddeath
205 Salt Lake Democrat1886-09-114Dieddeath
206 Salt Lake Democrat1886-09-131Professor Gurney Deaddeath
207 Salt Lake Democrat1886-09-131Four Deaths from Yellow Feverdeath
208 Salt Lake Democrat1886-09-164Dieddeath
209 Salt Lake Democrat1886-09-171Death of a French Barondeath
210 Salt Lake Democrat1886-09-291Cheated the Gallowsdeath
211 Salt Lake Democrat1886-09-301Dead, for the Last Timedeath
212 Salt Lake Democrat1886-10-011"Tommy Dodd" Deaddeath
213 Salt Lake Democrat1886-10-014Died in Park Citydeath
214 Salt Lake Democrat1886-10-041Death on the Raildeath
215 Salt Lake Democrat1886-10-051Death of a Michigan Generaldeath
216 Salt Lake Democrat1886-10-081Death of a State Senatordeath
217 Salt Lake Democrat1886-10-131Funeral of George W. Adamsdeath
218 Salt Lake Democrat1886-10-161Rothschild Deaddeath
219 Salt Lake Democrat1886-10-181Death of a Pugilistdeath
220 Salt Lake Democrat1886-10-181A Distinguished Man Deaddeath
221 Salt Lake Democrat1886-10-191An Aged Marquis Diesdeath
222 Salt Lake Democrat1886-10-201A Noted Soldier Deaddeath
223 Salt Lake Democrat1886-10-214Death of Lieutenant Seamandsdeath
224 Salt Lake Democrat1886-10-281Mrs. A. T. Stewart's Funeraldeath
225 Salt Lake Democrat1886-10-281Lord Mankswell Deaddeath
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