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201 Piute County News1936-08-203Edna Collins Passesdeath
202 Piute County News1936-09-111Joseph Nielson Dies Following Crashdeath
203 Piute County News1936-10-161Funeral Services for Silas Briker Hoffdeath
204 Piute County News1936-11-061Cloyd Rassmussendeath
205 Piute County News1936-11-271Tragic Death of Childdeath
206 Piute County News1936-11-271Ole V. Sornsondeath
207 Piute County News1937-01-151Funeral Held for Former Sheriff of Piute Countydeath
208 Piute County News1937-01-291Funeral Held at Circleville for Miss Whittakerdeath
209 Piute County News1937-02-121Final Rites Held at Antimony for Susie Thompsondeath
210 Piute County News1937-02-121Funeral Held for Pioneer of Circlevilledeath
211 Piute County News1937-02-121Former Resident of Marysvale Diesdeath
212 Piute County News1937-02-191Final Rites Held at Kingston for Jas. K. Andersondeath
213 Piute County News1937-02-191Funeral Held at Antimony Sunday for Old Residentdeath
214 Piute County News1937-02-261Pioneer of Boulder Dies in Salt Lake; Funeral Tuesdaydeath
215 Piute County News1937-04-021Forrest King Passes Away at Cedar Citydeath
216 Piute County News1937-04-021Former Marysvale Man Dies Monday in Salt Lake Citydeath
217 Piute County News1937-04-091James Braithwaite Dies at Mantideath
218 Piute County News1937-04-161Funeral Services Held at Marysvale for Forrest Kingdeath
219 Piute County News1937-05-141Former Junction Resident Dies in Salt Lake Citydeath
220 Piute County News1937-05-281Funeral Held at Junction for Accident Victimdeath
221 Piute County News1937-05-281Funeral Held at Marysvale for S. S. Wilsondeath
222 Piute County News1937-06-041Funeral Services for Fullmer Baby Held at Circlevilledeath
223 Piute County News1937-06-041Funeral is Held at Circleville for Mrs. Heber Wileydeath
224 Piute County News1937-06-251Funeral Held for Porter Babydeath
225 Piute County News1937-07-021Motor Travel Gain Predicteddeath
201 - 225 of 310