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201 Park Record1899-02-183Death of Mrs. Thomas Stevensondeath
202 Park Record1899-04-292Another Old Timer Gonedeath
203 Park Record1899-05-132Gone to His Restdeath
204 Park Record1899-05-133A Sad Deathdeath
205 Park Record1899-05-202Death of Mrs. John Maliadeath
206 Park Record1899-05-202Died This Morningdeath
207 Park Record1899-05-273Another Sudden Deathdeath
208 Park Record1899-06-173Oscar Finnegar Deaddeath
209 Park Record1899-07-083A Sudden Deathdeath
210 Park Record1899-08-053Death of James McAleenandeath
211 Park Record1899-09-303A Sad Deathdeath
212 Park Record1899-09-303Death from Choke Cherriesdeath
213 Park Record1899-12-234Death of Thomas J. Martindeath
214 Park Record1900-01-062Death of Wm. B. Jonesdeath
215 Park Record1900-01-134James W. Hennefer Deaddeath
216 Park Record1900-02-034Death of Edward M. Kervindeath
217 Park Record1900-02-103Death of John Mallsdeath
218 Park Record1900-02-174Death of Francis Smithdeath
219 Park Record1900-02-233Sad Deathdeath
220 Park Record1900-02-234Richard Mackintosh Deaddeath
221 Park Record1900-04-073Mrs. Joseph Goist Deaddeath
222 Park Record1900-04-144Patrick Fitzgerald Deaddeath
223 Park Record1900-04-213Henry a Sherwooddeath
224 Park Record1900-04-283Died of Heart Failuredeath
225 Park Record1900-05-124Mrs. McLeod is Deaddeath
201 - 225 of 4,051