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201 Milford News1931-05-141W Burbank Dies at Seattle Homedeath
202 Milford News1931-05-142They Also Served and Dieddeath
203 Milford News1931-05-145Tw Tragedies Orphan Virginia Girl and Boydeath
204 Milford News1931-05-281Ed Peterson Dies in Salt Lake City Funeral at Tooeledeath
205 Milford News1931-06-041Annie Slaughter is Mourned by County Funeral on Sundaydeath
206 Milford News1931-06-111Former Milford Man Dies from Operation in Salt Lake Citydeath
207 Milford News1931-06-111Grazing Studiesdeath
208 Milford News1931-06-117Milford Ladies Attend Party in Beaver Wednesdaydeath
209 Milford News1931-06-185Ladies Auxiliary Gives Farewell for Mrs. Mathewsdeath
210 Milford News1931-07-095Dies at Funeraldeath
211 Milford News1931-07-161Mrs. Fournier Dies Suddenly Saturday at Richfield, Utahdeath
212 Milford News1931-07-161Celestia Murdock Dies Here Sundaydeath
213 Milford News1931-07-231Daughter Writes Mother's Obituarydeath
214 Milford News1931-07-231William Manhard Dies of Poison of Dead Rattle Snakedeath
215 Milford News1931-08-061Milfordite Dies in Chicago Hospitaldeath
216 Milford News1931-08-065Mexican Diesdeath
217 Milford News1931-08-065Teacher Killeddeath
218 Milford News1931-08-131Lions Dinner for Ladies a Successdeath
219 Milford News1931-08-131Kenneth Blackner Dies in California Funeral in Beaverdeath
220 Milford News1931-08-201Funeral Services Held Sunday for Max Arch Chiltondeath
221 Milford News1931-08-205Fire Department Honored at Party Given by Ladiesdeath
222 Milford News1931-08-205Funeraldeath
223 Milford News1931-08-274Attorney Diesdeath
224 Milford News1931-08-274Unknown Man Diesdeath
225 Milford News1931-09-031Charles E. Murdock Prominent Citizen of the County Diesdeath
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