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201 Grand Valley Times1913-12-1912Noted California Pioneer Diesdeath
202 Grand Valley Times1914-01-027Primate of Norway Diesdeath
203 Grand Valley Times1914-01-096Eminent Jurist Calleddeath
204 Grand Valley Times1914-01-161Death Calls Mrs. Loveridgedeath
205 Grand Valley Times1914-01-166Noted Soldier Calleddeath
206 Grand Valley Times1914-01-231George Perkins Dies Suddenly at Peter's Hilldeath
207 Grand Valley Times1914-02-206Senator Bacon is Deaddeath
208 Grand Valley Times1914-02-271"Cap" May Diesdeath
209 Grand Valley Times1914-02-272Ex-Senator H. M. Teller Answers Final Summonsdeath
210 Grand Valley Times1914-03-061Lewis Miller of Castleton Dies of Paralytic Strokedeath
211 Grand Valley Times1914-03-136Drops Dead on Traindeath
212 Grand Valley Times1914-03-138Brent Peterson Diesdeath
213 Grand Valley Times1914-03-202Dies at Age of 114death
214 Grand Valley Times1914-04-031Iowa J. Smith, Well Known in County, Diesdeath
215 Grand Valley Times1914-04-106W. C. T. U. President Diesdeath
216 Grand Valley Times1914-05-083General Sickles Calleddeath
217 Grand Valley Times1914-05-152Madame Nordica Deaddeath
218 Grand Valley Times1914-05-221Mrs. J. L. Oliver Passes Beyonddeath
219 Grand Valley Times1914-05-291Jacob A. Riis Diesdeath
220 Grand Valley Times1914-05-293Senator Bradley Deaddeath
221 Grand Valley Times1914-06-192Adlai E. Stevenson Deaddeath
222 Grand Valley Times1914-07-102Dies at Age Fo 110death
223 Grand Valley Times1914-07-102Joseph Chamberlain Deaddeath
224 Grand Valley Times1914-07-171S. L. Colton, Local Forest Ranger, Dies in Salt Lake Citydeath
225 Grand Valley Times1914-07-172Justice Lurton Calleddeath
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