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201 Garland Globe1908-08-086Meets Horrible Deathdeath
202 Garland Globe1908-08-086Death in Path of Stormdeath
203 Garland Globe1908-08-152Funeral of Senator Allisondeath
204 Garland Globe1908-08-152Senator Allison Called by Deathdeath
205 Garland Globe1908-08-152Non-Union Miners Killeddeath
206 Garland Globe1908-08-153George Pettibone Deaddeath
207 Garland Globe1908-08-222Died in Quarantine Prisondeath
208 Garland Globe1908-08-291Hold Funeral for Educator Hubbarddeath
209 Garland Globe1908-08-292American Girl Suicides in Parisdeath
210 Garland Globe1908-08-292German Embassador to the United States Passes Awaydeath
211 Garland Globe1908-08-292Six Children Burned to Deathdeath
212 Garland Globe1908-09-052Cloudburst Causes Death of Fifteen at Folsomdeath
213 Garland Globe1908-09-052Colonel Vilas Passes Awaydeath
214 Garland Globe1908-09-052Confederate Veteran Passes Awaydeath
215 Garland Globe1908-09-052Former Governor of Washington Deaddeath
216 Garland Globe1908-09-053Scared to Death by Lightningdeath
217 Garland Globe1908-09-055Broken Heart Led to Suicidedeath
218 Garland Globe1908-09-122Prominent Connecticut Politician Drops Dead from Heart Failuredeath
219 Garland Globe1908-09-122Eccentric Millionaire Deaddeath
220 Garland Globe1908-09-122Rich Young Woman Leaps to Deathdeath
221 Garland Globe1908-09-196Frank P. Sargent Summoned by Deathdeath
222 Garland Globe1908-09-196Woman Involved in Omaha Physician's Deathdeath
223 Garland Globe1908-09-262Awful Harvest of Deathdeath
224 Garland Globe1908-09-262Seventeen-Year-Old Boy Suicidesdeath
225 Garland Globe1908-10-032Suicided in Jaildeath
201 - 225 of 463