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201 Ephraim Enterprise1913-06-061William Green Succumbs to Pneumonia after Short Illnessdeath
202 Ephraim Enterprise1913-09-201Mrs. Kjersit Dahl Answers Summonsdeath
203 Ephraim Enterprise1913-10-041Bishop Larson Diesdeath
204 Ephraim Enterprise1913-10-042Biship Larson Diesdeath
205 Ephraim Enterprise1913-12-061Joseph H. Quinn is Called to Beyonddeath
206 Ephraim Enterprise1913-12-061Obituarydeath
207 Ephraim Enterprise1913-12-131Death Summons Former Ephraim Boydeath
208 Ephraim Enterprise1914-01-032Beer Bottle Chokes Pelican.death
209 Ephraim Enterprise1914-02-281Local Newsdeath
210 Ephraim Enterprise1914-03-141Local Newsdeath
211 Ephraim Enterprise1914-03-211Aged Citizen Passes to the Great Beyonddeath
212 Ephraim Enterprise1914-04-041Pioneer Woman Passes Beyonddeath
213 Ephraim Enterprise1914-04-111Mrs. Serena Jorgensen is Laid at Final Restdeath
214 Ephraim Enterprise1914-05-301Mrs. Metta Frost, Pioneer, Called to Great Beyonddeath
215 Ephraim Enterprise1914-06-271W. F. Mayhew Laid at Restdeath
216 Ephraim Enterprise1914-07-254Wedding Follows Funeral.death
217 Ephraim Enterprise1914-08-151Accident is Fatal to Young Ephraim Girldeath
218 Ephraim Enterprise1914-12-121Mrs. John S. Beal is Called to Beyonddeath
219 Ephraim Enterprise1915-01-161Prominent Ephraim Woman is Summoneddeath
220 Ephraim Enterprise1915-01-301Death Calls Former Citizen of Ephraimdeath
221 Ephraim Enterprise1915-02-201Local Newsdeath
222 Ephraim Enterprise1915-03-131Mrs. George Taylor, Sr. is Called.death
223 Ephraim Enterprise1915-03-201Mrs. Geo. Taylor Sr. is Laid at Final Restdeath
224 Ephraim Enterprise1915-04-032Utahn Dragged to Death.death
225 Ephraim Enterprise1915-04-101James Armstrong Laid at Restdeath
201 - 225 of 979