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201 American Fork Citizen1916-01-298Mrs. Agnes Crookston is Burieddeath
202 American Fork Citizen1916-03-046Funeral Services for Henry Davisdeath
203 American Fork Citizen1916-03-182James J. Beck is Laid to Restdeath
204 American Fork Citizen1916-03-184Funeral Services for Joseph H. Woolstondeath
205 American Fork Citizen1916-03-254Daniel Anderson Dies after Appendicitis Operationdeath
206 American Fork Citizen1916-03-257Mrs. C. A. Jackson Buried Tuesdaydeath
207 American Fork Citizen1916-03-257Thomas J. Bacon Meets Death Suddenlydeath
208 American Fork Citizen1916-04-012Death of Mrs. C. A. Jacksondeath
209 American Fork Citizen1916-04-012Both Mother and Child Diesdeath
210 American Fork Citizen1916-04-016Mrs. Joseph Sabey Dies following an Operationdeath
211 American Fork Citizen1916-04-017Funeral Services for Thomas Bacondeath
212 American Fork Citizen1916-04-157Funeral Services for Mrs. Annie Johnsondeath
213 American Fork Citizen1916-05-067Clifford Sabey Diesdeath
214 American Fork Citizen1916-05-131Mrs. James Condor Succumbs to Operationdeath
215 American Fork Citizen1916-05-131The Reaperdeath
216 American Fork Citizen1916-05-134Funeral of Sabey Boydeath
217 American Fork Citizen1916-05-135Ephraim Jackson is Laid to Restdeath
218 American Fork Citizen1916-05-208Anderson Baby Diesdeath
219 American Fork Citizen1916-05-275Funeral Services for College Babydeath
220 American Fork Citizen1916-06-035Large Attendance at Mrs. Peterson's Funeraldeath
221 American Fork Citizen1916-06-037Anna K. Soderberg Buried Tuesdaydeath
222 American Fork Citizen1916-06-037Mabel Johnson Dies in Salt Lake Citydeath
223 American Fork Citizen1916-06-171Funeral Services for George A. Cunninghamdeath
224 American Fork Citizen1916-06-242Thos. S. Broadbent Answers Last Calldeath
225 American Fork Citizen1916-06-245Funeral Services for David Craftsdeath
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