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176 Roosevelt Standard1950-09-072The A.M.A.'s Coming Crusadearticle
177 Roosevelt Standard1950-09-071Roosevelt Takes Bennett Again to Sweep Seriesarticle
178 Roosevelt Standard1951-09-202Engagement of Popular Couple Revealedwedding
179 Roosevelt Standard1955-09-0810Jean Redmond is First Girl to Get Kiwanis Awardarticle
180 Roosevelt Standard1955-09-295unclassified
181 Roosevelt Standard1950-09-072Tragedy at Central Park Zoo Exists in Mind of an Old Manarticle
182 Roosevelt Standard1954-09-163unclassified
183 Roosevelt Standard1956-09-275Mrs. Birch Hostess to Bridge Clubarticle
184 Roosevelt Standard1955-09-0810They Carry Cougars' Hopesarticle
185 Roosevelt Standard1956-09-275unclassified
186 Roosevelt Standard1950-09-072unclassified
187 Roosevelt Standard1950-09-286Birthdays Celebratedbirth
188 Roosevelt Standard1956-09-201page
189 Roosevelt Standard1951-09-206Father-Daughter Have Operations in S. L. hospitalarticle
190 Roosevelt Standard1954-09-164advertisement
191 Roosevelt Standard1955-09-087Local Newsarticle
192 Roosevelt Standard1956-09-275Seventies Have Social Saturdayarticle
193 Roosevelt Standard1955-09-291University of Scouting Planned for the Basinarticle
194 Roosevelt Standard1954-09-1611Eighty Pints of Blood Given by Local Donorsarticle
195 Roosevelt Standard1955-09-081unclassified
196 Roosevelt Standard1951-09-206Alterra School over Crowdedarticle
197 Roosevelt Standard1955-09-089Ordinance No. 1article
198 Roosevelt Standard1955-09-2210Better Quality of Milk is Answer to Larger Milk Checks; Inspector Outlines Important Factorsarticle
199 Roosevelt Standard1954-09-163Iokaarticle
200 Roosevelt Standard1954-09-1611New Teachers Are Appointedarticle
176 - 200 of 19,338