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176 Uintah Basin Standard1958-04-035May Wedding Date Set by Betrothed Couplewedding
177 Uintah Basin Standard1958-04-035Marta Morrill Weds Floyd Tullis in Temple Ceremonywedding
178 Uintah Basin Standard1958-04-035Josephine Hurley is Wedwedding
179 Uintah Basin Standard1958-04-036Mr. and Mrs. Bob Allred Honored at Wedding Dance Saturday Nightwedding
180 Uintah Basin Standard1958-04-1012Couple Circles May 3 as Wedding Datewedding
181 Uintah Basin Standard1958-04-1012Miss Mezenen Betrothedwedding
182 Uintah Basin Standard1958-04-1012Wedding Reception Honors Mr. & Mrs. Robert Clousewedding
183 Uintah Basin Standard1958-04-249Large Group from Neola Attended Wedding of Popular Young Couplewedding
184 Uintah Basin Standard1958-05-013Early May Wedding Will Unite Rhea Pickup, Melton Stoddardwedding
185 Uintah Basin Standard1958-05-083Miss Janice Burgener to Make Fall Wedding Planswedding
186 Uintah Basin Standard1958-05-083Lonnie Kay Winn's Engagement to John Percival Made Knownwedding
187 Uintah Basin Standard1958-05-083Nuptial Promises Madewedding
188 Uintah Basin Standard1958-05-084Attend Wedding of Bryant Gilbert in Denverwedding
189 Uintah Basin Standard1958-05-155Temple Marriage Announced Herewedding
190 Uintah Basin Standard1958-05-157Recent Newlweds Honored at Wedding Reception following LDS Temple Riteswedding
191 Uintah Basin Standard1958-05-157Lovely Bride Electwedding
192 Uintah Basin Standard1958-05-157Wedding Vows Repeated in Salt Lake Temple Ceremonywedding
193 Uintah Basin Standard1958-05-157Shirley Cloward Engagedwedding
194 Uintah Basin Standard1958-05-223Wedding Reception Honors Couple following Salt Lake Temple Riteswedding
195 Uintah Basin Standard1958-05-223Jun Wedding Plans Madewedding
196 Uintah Basin Standard1958-05-293Carolyn Tew Weds in LDS Temple; Reception Saturdaywedding
197 Uintah Basin Standard1958-05-293Double Ring Temple Rites Held for Popular Couplewedding
198 Uintah Basin Standard1958-06-055Engagement of Miss Mary Blaine to Ronald F. Powell Announcedwedding
199 Uintah Basin Standard1958-06-055Miss Mailyn Peterson to Join Ranks of June Brideswedding
200 Uintah Basin Standard1958-06-055Marriage Plans Revealed by Marilyn Willswedding
176 - 200 of 966