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176 Morgan County News1954-01-015Temple Marriage Solemnizedwedding
177 Morgan County News1952-02-012Of Interest to Womenwedding
178 Morgan County News1949-04-011License Issuedwedding
179 Morgan County News1951-09-211Vada Smith and Robert Brimley Wed, on Sept. 15wedding
180 Morgan County News1950-09-291Morgan Couple Are Married on September 15wedding
181 Morgan County News1949-02-111License Issuedwedding
182 Morgan County News1954-11-196Nadine Waller, Albert Eakins, Wedwedding
183 Morgan County News1931-06-041Nuptial Ceremony is Held at Brides Homewedding
184 Morgan County News1952-04-253Marriage Licenses Issuedwedding
185 Morgan County News1954-03-261Marriage License Issuedwedding
186 Morgan County News1942-09-111Morgan Girl is Bride of Army Manwedding
187 Morgan County News1946-07-261Marriage Licenseswedding
188 Morgan County News1946-11-291Marriage Licensewedding
189 Morgan County News1938-02-112Nation Celebrates 250th Anniversary Swedeborg's Birthwedding
190 Morgan County News1948-01-091Plans Spring Weddingwedding
191 Morgan County News1937-06-171Marriage Announcedwedding
192 Morgan County News1940-05-171Littlefield and Thatcher Wedding Solemnized Fridaywedding
193 Morgan County News1946-07-198Marriage Licenseswedding
194 Morgan County News1946-11-015October Bridewedding
195 Morgan County News1945-11-021Mrs. Peter Cook Attends Double Weddingwedding
196 Morgan County News1950-11-031Reception Fetes Newlyweddedwedding
197 Morgan County News1947-07-048Lula Jean Heiner is June Bridewedding
198 Morgan County News1952-08-011Marriage License Issuedwedding
199 Morgan County News1946-11-084To Make Home in Daviswedding
200 Morgan County News1946-03-298Jean Montgomery, James Bray Wedwedding
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