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176 Springville Herald1925-04-241Pioneer of 1850 Answers Death Calldeath
177 Springville Herald1925-04-241Aged Woman is Buried in Springvilledeath
178 Springville Herald1925-04-241[Illegible] Payson Man is Deaddeath
179 Springville Herald1925-04-241Springville Woman Diesdeath
180 Springville Herald1925-04-242Payson Woman Dies Suddenlydeath
181 Springville Herald1925-05-081Child Buried in Salt Lakedeath
182 Springville Herald1925-05-082Did Diamond Brothers Die on Perjurydeath
183 Springville Herald1925-05-151Epidemic Mars Health of Patientsdeath
184 Springville Herald1925-05-154Payson Mother Dies Suddenlydeath
185 Springville Herald1925-05-221Stream Carries Body of Two Year Old Orem Boy about Half a Miledeath
186 Springville Herald1925-05-223[Illegible]-at-Home Mothers have Best Kiddiesdeath
187 Springville Herald1925-05-223Santaquin mother Diesdeath
188 Springville Herald1925-05-291Springville Woman Burieddeath
189 Springville Herald1925-06-121Rofle Pratt's Brother Diesdeath
190 Springville Herald1925-06-121Midway Men Miraculously Escape Deathdeath
191 Springville Herald1925-06-121Harrington is Laid to Restdeath
192 Springville Herald1925-06-191Well Known Church Man Passes Awaydeath
193 Springville Herald1925-06-194Contractor Laid to Restdeath
194 Springville Herald1925-06-261Aged Pioneer Woman Diesdeath
195 Springville Herald1925-06-261Notice to Ladiesdeath
196 Springville Herald1925-07-031Springville Pioneer Dies Suddenlydeath
197 Springville Herald1925-07-032Springville Native Dies in Montanadeath
198 Springville Herald1925-07-034Baby Dies in Springvilledeath
199 Springville Herald1925-07-101Auto Driver is Absolved of Accidentdeath
200 Springville Herald1925-07-101Eureka Man is Buried in Rrovo Citydeath
176 - 200 of 5,469