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176 Roosevelt Standard1925-03-116"Identified" on Dead Phone; Gets $250death
177 Roosevelt Standard1925-03-181Gordon E. Williams Dies at Home of Grandparentsdeath
178 Roosevelt Standard1925-03-181Early Church Member Dies in Rooseveltdeath
179 Roosevelt Standard1925-03-186Starved Veteran Kills Self as Pension Comesdeath
180 Roosevelt Standard1925-03-188"Harmless" Ant Bear Hugs Hunter to Deathdeath
181 Roosevelt Standard1925-03-188Sleeps in Furnace, Burned to Deathdeath
182 Roosevelt Standard1925-03-258Starved Veteran Kills Self as Pension Comesdeath
183 Roosevelt Standard1925-03-258Ex-Soldier, Listed Dead, Found by His Red Hairdeath
184 Roosevelt Standard1925-04-011Former Mayor of Roosevelt Dies at Home Mondaydeath
185 Roosevelt Standard1925-04-081Midnight Joy-Riders Narrowly Escape Deathdeath
186 Roosevelt Standard1925-04-083Farm Stockdeath
187 Roosevelt Standard1925-04-084Mad Tiger Kills Trainer; Killed in Audience Leapdeath
188 Roosevelt Standard1925-04-085Three Little Girls Die in Flames in Burning Barndeath
189 Roosevelt Standard1925-04-087Girl Found Dead beside Her Violindeath
190 Roosevelt Standard1925-04-0810Dies of Starvation as Father Seeks Workdeath
191 Roosevelt Standard1925-04-0810Youth Flying Kite is Killed by Wiredeath
192 Roosevelt Standard1925-04-151Otto Mayhew Dies of Flu Monday at Home in Gusherdeath
193 Roosevelt Standard1925-04-221J. C. Peterson Dies after Brief Illnessdeath
194 Roosevelt Standard1925-04-228Mad Tiger Kills Trainer; Killed in Audience Leapdeath
195 Roosevelt Standard1925-05-061Funeral of Young Mother Held at Vernal Chapeldeath
196 Roosevelt Standard1925-05-201Chas. W. Penrose of 1st Presidency Died May 16thdeath
197 Roosevelt Standard1925-05-207Dies by Firedeath
198 Roosevelt Standard1925-05-274Kills Man; Sleepsdeath
199 Roosevelt Standard1925-06-103Carries Dead Baby in Trunkdeath
200 Roosevelt Standard1925-06-103Fire Truck Kills Girldeath
176 - 200 of 1,626