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176 Richfield Reaper1914-12-101Rebel Leader Reported Deaddeath
177 Richfield Reaper1914-12-101Thirty-Four Meet Deathdeath
178 Richfield Reaper1914-12-174Dies at Age of 105death
179 Richfield Reaper1915-01-075Former Richfield Mining Man Deaddeath
180 Richfield Reaper1915-01-211Jas. M. Jensen Victim of Tuberculosisdeath
181 Richfield Reaper1915-02-181Mrs. H. C. Christensen Dies in Arizonadeath
182 Richfield Reaper1915-03-043Union Hero Diesdeath
183 Richfield Reaper1915-03-111Dies in Salt Lake Hospitaldeath
184 Richfield Reaper1915-03-111Ray Powell Dies Suddenlydeath
185 Richfield Reaper1915-03-181Fred L. Nelson is Laid to Final Restdeath
186 Richfield Reaper1915-03-252Woman Banker Diesdeath
187 Richfield Reaper1915-03-252Catholic Chancellor Diesdeath
188 Richfield Reaper1915-04-151Death Calls Mrs. L. P. Jensendeath
189 Richfield Reaper1915-04-296Funeral of German Prisonerdeath
190 Richfield Reaper1915-06-172Hanged, Then Shot to Deathdeath
191 Richfield Reaper1915-07-017Peruvian Ex-President Diesdeath
192 Richfield Reaper1915-07-081Death of Danish Poetdeath
193 Richfield Reaper1915-07-156Killed by Lightiningdeath
194 Richfield Reaper1915-08-051G. C. Morrison Calleddeath
195 Richfield Reaper1915-08-052Eight Die from Heatdeath
196 Richfield Reaper1915-09-162Prominent Physician Deaddeath
197 Richfield Reaper1915-09-162German Inventor Deaddeath
198 Richfield Reaper1915-09-162Judge's Son Found Deaddeath
199 Richfield Reaper1915-10-073Dead at Their Posts in a Trenchdeath
200 Richfield Reaper1915-10-143Found Dead in Bathtubdeath
176 - 200 of 934