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176 Sugar House Bulletin1943-10-2911942 Birth Rate in U.S. is Highest in 16 Yearsbirth
177 Sugar House Bulletin1947-07-251Infant Daughter Born to Well-Known S. E. Pairbirth
178 Sugar House Bulletin1948-12-101Infant Saved by Local Policebirth
179 Sugar House Bulletin1943-11-051Announce Birth of Baby Boybirth
180 Sugar House Bulletin1943-08-064Grassrootsbirth
181 Sugar House Bulletin1948-11-122The World Abroadbirth
182 Sugar House Bulletin1943-06-188Tank Warfare Born in U.S.Abirth
183 Sugar House Bulletin1950-05-051S. H. Rotary Anns Plan Birthday Party may 12birth
184 Sugar House Bulletin1948-02-061Son Born to Mcduffsbirth
185 Sugar House Bulletin1947-04-185Baby Boy Born to Prominent S. H. Couplebirth
186 Sugar House Bulletin1949-12-091S. H. 'Mayor' Celebrates 81st Birthdaybirth
187 Sugar House Bulletin1948-02-205First Son Born to Willard H. Bruderersbirth
188 Sugar House Bulletin1950-07-074Son Born to Wife of Circulation Managerbirth
189 Sugar House Bulletin1948-03-051Celebrates Twelfth Birthdaybirth
190 Sugar House Bulletin1948-04-093Daughters Entertain for Mother's Birthdaybirth
191 Sugar House Bulletin1948-04-168Baby News !!birth
192 Sugar House Bulletin1948-08-273Son Born to Cal Ruddsbirth
193 Sugar House Bulletin1941-04-047Not Born in Francebirth
194 Sugar House Bulletin1949-04-292Local Officer Saves Life of 20 - Month Infantbirth
195 Sugar House Bulletin1943-07-024Born 100 Years Ago, but his Music Inspires Anti-Axis Norwegians Todaybirth
196 Sugar House Bulletin1952-04-181For Cleanup; Birthday Events Sugar House Charts Plansbirth
197 Sugar House Bulletin1949-03-113Daughter Bornbirth
198 Sugar House Bulletin1946-03-011Woman Pioneer of Southeast Notes Birthdaybirth
199 Sugar House Bulletin1945-05-048Child Health Day, May, 1, is Dedicated this Year to Campaign for Better Birth Registrationsbirth
200 Sugar House Bulletin1950-07-281Famous Lion Celebrates 1st Birthday amid Cake, Sweets and Well-Wishesbirth
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