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176 Milford News1939-07-271New Stewardess Officiates at Birth of Baby on Challengerbirth
177 Milford News1939-08-107Pineapple of American Birthbirth
178 Milford News1939-12-282Their Education a Matter of Statewide Concernbirth
179 Milford News1940-01-112Birthday Blackoutbirth
180 Milford News1940-01-251President's Birthday Ball next Tuesdaybirth
181 Milford News1940-03-283John Tyler, Born 150 Years Ago, is One of Least-Known Presidents but Had a Career that is Uniquebirth
182 Milford News1940-06-208Three Babies Bornbirth
183 Milford News1940-10-101More New Babiesbirth
184 Milford News1940-10-318Local Newsbirth
185 Milford News1940-11-148Local Newsbirth
186 Milford News1940-12-051Birthday Gift for Etonbirth
187 Milford News1940-12-121Welcome Baby Girlbirth
188 Milford News1940-12-194Christmas Season Celebrated before Christ was Bornbirth
189 Milford News1940-12-197Birth of Presidentsbirth
190 Milford News1941-01-097Birthday Partiesbirth
191 Milford News1941-01-166Infant Mortality Slashedbirth
192 Milford News1941-03-201Two Babies Bornbirth
193 Milford News1941-04-033Birth of Moviesbirth
194 Milford News1941-04-107Not Born in Francebirth
195 Milford News1941-05-01130th Anniversary is Celebratedbirth
196 Milford News1941-05-153Happy Birthday?birth
197 Milford News1941-06-121Two Babies Bornbirth
198 Milford News1941-07-247As Men are Bornbirth
199 Milford News1941-09-041Welcome Baby Girlbirth
200 Milford News1942-02-051Birthday Ball a Successbirth
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