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176 Union Vedette1864-01-014Something Left Undonearticle
177 Union Vedette1864-01-051article
178 Union Vedette1864-01-051Abolition of Slavery among the Indiansarticle
179 Union Vedette1864-01-051Cotton Acquired for Government Usearticle
180 Union Vedette1864-01-051From Arkansas - Guerrillas - Straits of the Rebels - Union Cause Gaining Ground - Rebels Defeatedarticle
181 Union Vedette1864-01-051Veterans Re-Enlisting - Occupation of Culpepperarticle
182 Union Vedette1864-01-051Reports from Rebel Sources - the Question of Exchangearticle
183 Union Vedette1864-01-051From Texasarticle
184 Union Vedette1864-01-051Thanks of the Russian Governmentarticle
185 Union Vedette1864-01-052Federal Cavalry in a Tight Place - Effect of Good Strategyarticle
186 Union Vedette1864-01-052The Chesapeake Affair - Official Report of Losses at the Battle of Chicamaugaarticle
187 Union Vedette1864-01-052Mexican Affairsarticle
188 Union Vedette1864-01-052Blockade of Mexican Ports by the Frencharticle
189 Union Vedette1864-01-052Change of Sentiment in New Orleansarticle
190 Union Vedette1864-01-052From Charlestonarticle
191 Union Vedette1864-01-052Confidence of the Government in Sec. Chase. Enlistments Increasingarticle
192 Union Vedette1864-01-052Chesapacke Piratesarticle
193 Union Vedette1864-01-052Health of Chief Justice Taneyarticle
194 Union Vedette1864-01-052Extension of the Passport Systemarticle
195 Union Vedette1864-01-052Foreign Opinions of Gen. Grant's Victoriesarticle
196 Union Vedette1864-01-052The Rebel Forrestarticle
197 Union Vedette1864-01-052From the Red Riverarticle
198 Union Vedette1864-01-052Rebel Reportsarticle
199 Union Vedette1864-01-061Extensive Fire - The Weather - Prospects of a State Election in Louisianaarticle
200 Union Vedette1864-01-061Then and Nowarticle
176 - 200 of 16,953