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176 Times Independent1928-10-181Miss Ida Larsen to Wed Nebraska Young Manwedding
177 Times Independent1928-10-251Two Price Couples Stage Double Weddingwedding
178 Times Independent1928-10-255Frank Armstrong and Miss Anna Wilcox Wedwedding
179 Times Independent1928-12-061Young Couple Married Leave for Californiawedding
180 Times Independent1929-01-038Daughter of J. A. Scorup Weds Resident of Canadawedding
181 Times Independent1929-01-101Married at Pricewedding
182 Times Independent1929-01-316Helen to Wedwedding
183 Times Independent1929-02-078Legislator Will Wedwedding
184 Times Independent1929-02-141Married Second Timewedding
185 Times Independent1929-03-211George White and Miss Essie Larsen Marriedwedding
186 Times Independent1929-04-181Popular Couple Marriedwedding
187 Times Independent1929-04-251Golden Wedding of Moab Couple Observedwedding
188 Times Independent1929-05-098Weddingswedding
189 Times Independent1929-05-231Weddingswedding
190 Times Independent1929-06-138Taylor-Clark Wedding Announcedwedding
191 Times Independent1929-06-201Ruel J. Taylor Weds Nevada Young Ladywedding
192 Times Independent1929-06-271Former Moab Couple Married in Idahowedding
193 Times Independent1929-06-271Married in Grand Junctionwedding
194 Times Independent1929-07-041Pratt Allred and Miss Zoe Stark are Marriedwedding
195 Times Independent1929-08-081Cisco Couple Marriedwedding
196 Times Independent1929-08-221Married at Grand Junctionwedding
197 Times Independent1929-08-221Local Boy Wedswedding
198 Times Independent1929-09-263Wedding of John and Florence in Plainfieldwedding
199 Times Independent1929-10-103Maj. John Coolidge and His Bridewedding
200 Times Independent1929-10-311Married in Californiawedding
176 - 200 of 2,023