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176 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1919-02-2510Senators Split over Insurance Found Problemarticle
177 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1919-02-273State Insurance Monopoly Voted down in Senatearticle
178 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1919-02-2810Woman Presides over Utah Senatearticle
179 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1919-03-0213Amberger Sends Senate [Illegible]article
180 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1919-03-0410'Missus Speaker'article
181 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1919-03-1812Bill by Woman is Last to Passarticle
182 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1919-04-2910Spike Committee Calledarticle
183 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1919-06-0139Birthday of Utah Founder is Celebratedarticle
184 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1919-07-075[Illegible] Women [Illegible] Services Dr. Shawarticle
185 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1919-07-102Dr. Anna Shaw Eulogized by Utah's Womenarticle
186 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1919-07-102Emmerline B. Wells Lauds Anna H. Shawarticle
187 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1919-07-133Social Events of the Weekarticle
188 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1919-07-148D. of U. P. to Celebrate Saltair Program Scenearticle
189 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1919-08-142Women Made First League among Nationsarticle
190 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1919-08-163Committee Chooses Ex-Soldiers' Souvenirarticle
191 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1919-08-1914Women Will Form S. L. League Brancharticle
192 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1919-08-268Certificates Selected as Hero Tributearticle
193 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1919-09-074Loganarticle
194 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1919-09-2014Salt Lake Bids S. A. Maginnis Hopeful Adieuarticle
195 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1919-09-291Utah Legislature Meets Today; Steel Strike Battle Tightensarticle
196 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1920-01-2517Large Contribution is Sent by New York Dry Goods Associationarticle
197 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1920-01-2814Aids Fundarticle
198 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1920-02-214Town Topicsarticle
199 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1920-02-2614Plan Celebration of Jefferson Dayarticle
200 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1920-03-054Town Topicsarticle
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