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176 Salt Lake Democrat1886-05-251Funeral of Mrs. Pendletondeath
177 Salt Lake Democrat1886-05-261Mrs. Kimball Deaddeath
178 Salt Lake Democrat1886-05-261Death of Mrs. Rieldeath
179 Salt Lake Democrat1886-05-291Dieddeath
180 Salt Lake Democrat1886-06-014John Kelly is Deaddeath
181 Salt Lake Democrat1886-06-021Henry Havemeyer Deaddeath
182 Salt Lake Democrat1886-06-181The Maharajah Deaddeath
183 Salt Lake Democrat1886-06-261David Davis Deaddeath
184 Salt Lake Democrat1886-07-021Death on the Balldeath
185 Salt Lake Democrat1886-07-071Col. Corkhill Deaddeath
186 Salt Lake Democrat1886-07-101Fell Dead in the Streetdeath
187 Salt Lake Democrat1886-07-131Princess Pauline is Deaddeath
188 Salt Lake Democrat1886-07-261Hubert O. Thompson Deaddeath
189 Salt Lake Democrat1886-07-261Starved to Deathdeath
190 Salt Lake Democrat1886-07-271An Ex-Assistant Secretary Deaddeath
191 Salt Lake Democrat1886-07-281An Ex-Assistant Secretary Deaddeath
192 Salt Lake Democrat1886-08-034Local Newsdeath
193 Salt Lake Democrat1886-08-041A Minister Shot Deaddeath
194 Salt Lake Democrat1886-08-041State Senator Elkins Deaddeath
195 Salt Lake Democrat1886-08-074John Harker Deaddeath
196 Salt Lake Democrat1886-08-094Dieddeath
197 Salt Lake Democrat1886-08-111Professor Grill Deaddeath
198 Salt Lake Democrat1886-08-114Dieddeath
199 Salt Lake Democrat1886-08-171Death of W. A. Gilfillandeath
200 Salt Lake Democrat1886-08-171Count Ringleheit Deaddeath
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