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176 Rich County Reaper1939-12-086First Death Sentencedeath
177 Rich County Reaper1939-12-151Heart Ailment Fatal to Editordeath
178 Rich County Reaper1940-01-121Funeral Service Held for Ralph Moffatdeath
179 Rich County Reaper1940-01-191Funeral Service Held for June Moffatdeath
180 Rich County Reaper1940-01-198No Sea Tradition Says Captain Must Die; It's Just a Mythdeath
181 Rich County Reaper1940-01-261Funeral Service Held for June Moffatdeath
182 Rich County Reaper1940-02-091Attack Victim Diesdeath
183 Rich County Reaper1940-02-091Postmaster Diesdeath
184 Rich County Reaper1940-02-095Loading Leaden Death on British Fighting Placedeath
185 Rich County Reaper1940-02-166Death Revealsdeath
186 Rich County Reaper1940-02-231Funeral Services for Mary E. Spanglerdeath
187 Rich County Reaper1940-02-235Talked to Deathdeath
188 Rich County Reaper1940-03-011Former Randolph Citizen Passesdeath
189 Rich County Reaper1940-03-011Funeral Services for Mrs. Wm. Marshdeath
190 Rich County Reaper1940-03-081Funeral Services for Mrs. Shirley Nebekerdeath
191 Rich County Reaper1940-04-053Where Their Fathers Fought and Dieddeath
192 Rich County Reaper1940-04-121Death Claims Mrs. Gertrude R. Calldeath
193 Rich County Reaper1940-05-318Localsdeath
194 Rich County Reaper1940-08-021Youth Falls to His Deathdeath
195 Rich County Reaper1940-08-301Birdie G. Mckinnon Funeral Service Helddeath
196 Rich County Reaper1940-09-135Kills Brotherdeath
197 Rich County Reaper1940-10-041Death Claims Mrs. Arthur Barkerdeath
198 Rich County Reaper1940-11-151Death Claims Former St. Charles Residentdeath
199 Rich County Reaper1940-11-221Month Old Baby Diesdeath
200 Rich County Reaper1940-11-291Hunters Kill Many Elk in Jackson Holedeath
176 - 200 of 274