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176 Pleasant Grove Review1941-01-31531st Birthday of Scout Program to be Observedbirth
177 Pleasant Grove Review1941-03-075Legion Slates Birthday Partybirth
178 Pleasant Grove Review1942-04-037Solution of Birthbirth
179 Pleasant Grove Review1942-04-038Davis J. Strong to be Honoredbirth
180 Pleasant Grove Review1942-04-241Oldest Man in Grove Celebrates Birthdaybirth
181 Pleasant Grove Review1942-05-087'Happy Birthday' to Der Fuehrerbirth
182 Pleasant Grove Review1942-05-154Local Newsbirth
183 Pleasant Grove Review1942-09-181Birthday of P. G. is Celebratedbirth
184 Pleasant Grove Review1942-09-183Speaking of Sportsbirth
185 Pleasant Grove Review1942-10-301Elanor West Honored on Birthday Anniversarybirth
186 Pleasant Grove Review1942-11-068Birthday Partybirth
187 Pleasant Grove Review1942-11-208Family Honors Father's Birthdaybirth
188 Pleasant Grove Review1942-12-043Santa Claus Born in Famous Poem by Clement Moorebirth
189 Pleasant Grove Review1942-12-188Mrs. Anderson Celebrates Birthdaybirth
190 Pleasant Grove Review1943-01-291Pioneer Celebrates Her Eighty-Fourth Birthday Anniversarybirth
191 Pleasant Grove Review1943-02-264Family Honors Father's 78th Birthdaybirth
192 Pleasant Grove Review1943-02-264Are Bornbirth
193 Pleasant Grove Review1943-03-051Mrs. Radmall Honored on Her 85th Birthdaybirth
194 Pleasant Grove Review1943-03-051Pioneer Celebrates Birthday Todaybirth
195 Pleasant Grove Review1943-03-121Pioneer Honored at Home on Her 82nd Birthday Anniversarybirth
196 Pleasant Grove Review1943-04-021Family Honors Father's Birthday Anniversarybirth
197 Pleasant Grove Review1943-04-231Graveside Services are Held for Infantbirth
198 Pleasant Grove Review1943-05-144Are Bornbirth
199 Pleasant Grove Review1943-05-216Our Air Mail Observes its 25th Birthdaybirth
200 Pleasant Grove Review1943-06-048Family Honors Father on Birthdaybirth
176 - 200 of 1,841