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176 Piute County News1933-12-013R. O. Warner Passesdeath
177 Piute County News1933-12-291Funeral Services for Heber Brinkerhoffdeath
178 Piute County News1934-01-053Vida Eudell Jolley Dies at Deer Creekdeath
179 Piute County News1934-02-231Helen Allen Spencer Passesdeath
180 Piute County News1934-07-201Funeral Services for Homer T. Kingdeath
181 Piute County News1934-08-101Funeral Services for William Cyrus Kennedydeath
182 Piute County News1934-12-144John Ellis Killed in Auto Accidentdeath
183 Piute County News1935-02-081Death Strikes Twice on Same Day in Familydeath
184 Piute County News1935-02-081Sam Mechamdeath
185 Piute County News1935-02-151Funeral Services for S. M. Meachamdeath
186 Piute County News1935-03-011Harry King Diesdeath
187 Piute County News1935-03-015Baby Diesdeath
188 Piute County News1935-05-311Morrell Snow Diesdeath
189 Piute County News1935-07-191Joseph H. Pearsondeath
190 Piute County News1935-07-191J. W. Stokerdeath
191 Piute County News1935-11-291The Aftermath of Sudden Deathdeath
192 Piute County News1936-01-031Mrs Tennessee Smith Diesdeath
193 Piute County News1936-02-281Aged Tropic Pioneer Dies Feb, Sixteenthdeath
194 Piute County News1936-03-201Babies Pass Ondeath
195 Piute County News1936-03-271Freddie Gene Gardiner Passes Awaydeath
196 Piute County News1936-06-051Marion B. Lewisdeath
197 Piute County News1936-06-111Funeral Services Held for Robert Delongdeath
198 Piute County News1936-06-113Oldest Mason in America Dies in West at Age of 106death
199 Piute County News1936-06-261John A. Mooredeath
200 Piute County News1936-07-171Ern Peterson Passesdeath
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