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176 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1919-11-212Teacher of Birth Control Jailedbirth
177 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1919-11-214To Honor Franklinbirth
178 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1920-01-166Birthsbirth
179 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1920-01-231Birthsbirth
180 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1920-01-301Local Newsbirth
181 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1920-02-065New One Born Every Minutebirth
182 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1920-02-208Celebrates his Ninetieth Birthdaybirth
183 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1920-03-121Birthsbirth
184 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1920-04-021Celebration for 90th Anniversarybirth
185 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1920-04-091Monsen Family Meet on Father's Birthdaybirth
186 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1920-04-301Hub Club Birthday Dancebirth
187 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1920-05-148Levi P. Morton is Callebirth
188 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1920-06-118The Republican Standard Bearersbirth
189 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1920-07-098House where Governor Cox was Bornbirth
190 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1920-07-231Birthsbirth
191 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1920-07-303Birthplace of Governor Coolidgebirth
192 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1920-08-064Infant has Rare Experiencebirth
193 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1920-08-131Funeral Service Held for Infantbirth
194 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1920-10-157Kentucky's Infant Prodigybirth
195 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1920-12-1711Boy Hanged on Birthdaybirth
196 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1922-02-101Boy Scouts 12th. Birthdaybirth
197 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1922-03-105Birthsbirth
198 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1922-03-242Great Time is Held in Irelandbirth
199 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1922-04-076This Miracle-Rebirthbirth
200 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1922-04-141Ninety-Second Birthday Observed by Peter Monsenbirth
176 - 200 of 1,215