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176 Logan Republican1912-04-115Popular Young Couple Marriedwedding
177 Logan Republican1912-06-061Popular Young People Wedwedding
178 Logan Republican1912-07-187Army of Detectives at Crocker Weddingwedding
179 Logan Republican1912-07-258Woman Accused of Selling Girlwedding
180 Logan Republican1912-09-071German Emperor, Who Has Canceled All Engagements on Account of Illnesswedding
181 Logan Republican1912-09-125Popular Young Couple Wedwedding
182 Logan Republican1912-09-145Marriage Licenseswedding
183 Logan Republican1912-09-173Married Women Tar and Feather Girlwedding
184 Logan Republican1912-09-191Popular Young People Wedwedding
185 Logan Republican1912-09-192Willard Mack Weds Marjorie Rambeauwedding
186 Logan Republican1912-10-012Marriage is Annulled; Girl Keeps Propertywedding
187 Logan Republican1912-10-035Marriage Licenseswedding
188 Logan Republican1912-10-102Victim of a Fake Marriagewedding
189 Logan Republican1912-11-056Young Couple Separated after Elopement; Re-Wedwedding
190 Logan Republican1912-11-075Local Newswedding
191 Logan Republican1912-11-145Marriage Licenseswedding
192 Logan Republican1912-11-215Wedding Bells Are Ringingwedding
193 Logan Republican1912-11-235Marriage Licenseswedding
194 Logan Republican1912-11-264Marriage Licenseswedding
195 Logan Republican1912-12-051Jack Johnson Will Marry Lucile Cameronwedding
196 Logan Republican1912-12-077Local Newswedding
197 Logan Republican1912-12-121Many Persons Get Marriedwedding
198 Logan Republican1912-12-148Young People Marry at Covewedding
199 Logan Republican1912-12-198Announcing the Engagementwedding
200 Logan Republican1912-12-311Miss. Helen M. Gould, "Best Loved Woman in America," Soon to Wedwedding
176 - 200 of 464