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176 Lehi Sun1922-05-181Man Dropped Deaddeath
177 Lehi Sun1922-06-081Matron Called by Deathdeath
178 Lehi Sun1922-06-085Many Die in Mine Explosiondeath
179 Lehi Sun1922-06-155Dean of Public Utility Deaddeath
180 Lehi Sun1922-06-295Bootblack Attends Funeraldeath
181 Lehi Sun1922-06-295Monaco's Prince Dead in Francedeath
182 Lehi Sun1922-06-295Ulster Leader Shot to Deathdeath
183 Lehi Sun1922-06-295Mrs. Len Small Succumbsdeath
184 Lehi Sun1922-07-271"Jeff" Davis Burieddeath
185 Lehi Sun1922-08-035Author of Plumb Plan Deaddeath
186 Lehi Sun1922-08-105Five Die from Eating Cakedeath
187 Lehi Sun1922-08-105Typhoon Death Toll Runs Highdeath
188 Lehi Sun1922-08-175Five Die from Eating Cakedeath
189 Lehi Sun1922-08-175Viscount Northcliffe is Deaddeath
190 Lehi Sun1922-08-175Typhoon Death Tolls Runs Highdeath
191 Lehi Sun1922-08-311Former Lehi Woman Buried at American Forkdeath
192 Lehi Sun1922-08-311Funeral Attended by Lehi Relativesdeath
193 Lehi Sun1922-09-141Samuel Wells Died Yesterdaydeath
194 Lehi Sun1922-09-145Wife of Humorist Deaddeath
195 Lehi Sun1922-09-211Funeral Services for Samuel Wellsdeath
196 Lehi Sun1922-09-281Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Abe L. Goates Buried Heredeath
197 Lehi Sun1922-10-053Founder Los Angeles Paper Deaddeath
198 Lehi Sun1922-10-053Famous Naval Officer Deaddeath
199 Lehi Sun1922-10-121Mrs. David A. Lossee Dies Suddenlydeath
200 Lehi Sun1922-10-122Veteran Railroad Man Deaddeath
176 - 200 of 276