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176 Grand Valley Times1912-11-297Leaped to Deathdeath
177 Grand Valley Times1912-12-132Pioneer Mining Man Deaddeath
178 Grand Valley Times1912-12-137David Eccles Strickendeath
179 Grand Valley Times1912-12-209Reid Summoned by Grim Deathdeath
180 Grand Valley Times1913-01-241Popular Girl Called Beyonddeath
181 Grand Valley Times1913-02-075Death at Richardsondeath
182 Grand Valley Times1913-02-215Little Girl Diesdeath
183 Grand Valley Times1913-04-041Judge L. B. Bartlett is Calleddeath
184 Grand Valley Times1913-04-041Mrs. Stewart Diesdeath
185 Grand Valley Times1913-04-046Morgan Meets Death in Romedeath
186 Grand Valley Times1913-04-256Noted Scientist Diesdeath
187 Grand Valley Times1913-05-231George Stewart Called Beyonddeath
188 Grand Valley Times1913-05-304Good Old Man, Well Known Here, Diesdeath
189 Grand Valley Times1913-07-111Joseph Jackson Diesdeath
190 Grand Valley Times1913-07-256Auto Ran off Bridgedeath
191 Grand Valley Times1913-08-014"Peter the Hermit" is Deaddeath
192 Grand Valley Times1913-08-081James Foy Dies at Grand Junction; Buried Heredeath
193 Grand Valley Times1913-08-296Newspaper Man Deaddeath
194 Grand Valley Times1913-09-126Found Dead in Beddeath
195 Grand Valley Times1913-09-126Labor Leader Diesdeath
196 Grand Valley Times1913-11-076Custer's Messenger Deaddeath
197 Grand Valley Times1913-11-218Prominent Citizen of Payson Called Beyonddeath
198 Grand Valley Times1913-12-122Ohio Jurist Diesdeath
199 Grand Valley Times1913-12-128Rear Admiral Dies Suddenlydeath
200 Grand Valley Times1913-12-128Dropper Dead on the Streetdeath
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