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176 Garfield County News1944-11-301Marriage Announcedwedding
177 Garfield County News1944-12-281Verda Ipson Marries Veteran of Present Overseas Campaignwedding
178 Garfield County News1945-02-011Couple Recite Marriage Vows at Provowedding
179 Garfield County News1945-03-151Cpl. George Sevy Marries English Girlwedding
180 Garfield County News1945-03-151Popular Local Girl Marries Navy Manwedding
181 Garfield County News1945-04-261Local Man Marries Elsinore Womanwedding
182 Garfield County News1945-06-211Marriage is Announcedwedding
183 Garfield County News1945-07-121Newly Married Couple Visits Relatives Herewedding
184 Garfield County News1945-08-021Released War Prisoner Marries Local Young Ladywedding
185 Garfield County News1945-09-271Marriage Announced during Past Weekwedding
186 Garfield County News1945-12-061Broadhead-Kley Nuptialswedding
187 Garfield County News1945-12-131Local Sons Marry Kanab Women in Double Weddingwedding
188 Garfield County News1946-01-101Couple Married Here Fridaywedding
189 Garfield County News1946-01-101Married Recently in Englandwedding
190 Garfield County News1946-01-103Midgets Wedwedding
191 Garfield County News1946-01-173Here Comes the Bridewedding
192 Garfield County News1946-02-141Couple Announce Daughter's Engagementwedding
193 Garfield County News1946-02-141Marshall -Roe Engagement Announcedwedding
194 Garfield County News1946-02-211Young Couple Married at Ceremony Mondaywedding
195 Garfield County News1946-03-141Couple Honeymoon in Californiawedding
196 Garfield County News1946-04-041Deuel-Mortenson Nuptials Here Sun.wedding
197 Garfield County News1946-04-111Local Woman Marries Circleville Manwedding
198 Garfield County News1946-05-021Recently Married Couple Visit Herewedding
199 Garfield County News1946-06-131Couple Take Vows at Richfieldwedding
200 Garfield County News1946-06-201Local Couple Takes Marriage Vowswedding
176 - 200 of 2,697