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151 Salt Lake Telegram1917-03-1116Dinner on Roof is Enjoyedarticle
152 Salt Lake Tribune1917-03-157Committee Chosen to Meet Delegatesarticle
153 Salt Lake Telegram1917-03-1516Societyarticle
154 Salt Lake Telegram1917-03-318Brevitiesarticle
155 Salt Lake Tribune1917-04-0114Salt Lake Red Cross Aims to Get $10,000article
156 Salt Lake Tribune1917-04-0159News the Women's Clubsarticle
157 Salt Lake Tribune1917-06-201Red Cross Total is Raised to $196,695.25 Contributions are $47,339.25article
158 Salt Lake Tribune1917-06-229Thursday's Red Cross Donorsarticle
159 Goodwin's Weekly1917-09-152advertisement
160 Salt Lake Telegram1917-09-302City Election Partisanship Abandnned by Moosearticle
161 Salt Lake Telegram1917-10-1412Silver Tea to be Given on Tuesdayarticle
162 Salt Lake Telegram1917-10-169Musical and Tea Held at Cowan Homearticle
163 Salt Lake Telegram1917-10-2115U of U Head is Host at Receptionarticle
164 Salt Lake Tribune1917-11-2513Whole State Aids Soldiers' Welfare Fund; Contributions Still Pouring into the Coffersarticle
165 Salt Lake Telegram1917-12-1010Societyarticle
166 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-01-0611Women's Clubsarticle
167 Salt Lake Telegram1918-01-0611Salt Lake Society Clublandarticle
168 Salt Lake Telegram1918-01-1110Ft. Douglas Hop Livens Week Endarticle
169 Salt Lake Telegram1918-01-1311[Illegible] the World of Societyarticle
170 Ogden Daily Standard1918-02-0927State Officials Who Are Now Serving People of Utaharticle
171 Salt Lake Telegram1918-05-1412Interpreter Signs for War Servicearticle
172 Salt Lake Tribune1918-05-2411H. W. Airey Escapes Injuries in Clasharticle
173 Salt Lake Telegram1918-06-1416Societyarticle
174 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-06-154Young Bride Entertained by Friendsarticle
175 Salt Lake Tribune1918-06-155Societyarticle
151 - 175 of 334