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151 San Juan Record1930-12-181Up to the Peoplearticle
152 San Juan Record1930-12-182unclassified
153 San Juan Record1930-12-182advertisement
154 San Juan Record1930-12-182page
155 San Juan Record1930-12-182Nothing Mean About Themarticle
156 San Juan Record1930-12-182His Great Accomplishmentarticle
157 San Juan Record1930-12-182Voices of Great Men Are to be Perpetuatedarticle
158 San Juan Record1930-12-182Clever Politenessarticle
159 San Juan Record1930-12-182Thought He Had Vision of the "Good Old Days"article
160 San Juan Record1930-12-182'Nother Successful Failurearticle
161 San Juan Record1930-12-182Famous Scotch House Soldarticle
162 San Juan Record1930-12-182From the Greekarticle
163 San Juan Record1930-12-182Heredityarticle
164 San Juan Record1930-12-182Old Landmarks in State to Stayarticle
165 San Juan Record1930-12-182Paradearticle
166 San Juan Record1930-12-183advertisement
167 San Juan Record1930-12-183page
168 San Juan Record1930-12-183unclassified
169 San Juan Record1930-12-183Bad Advicearticle
170 San Juan Record1930-12-183Velvet Hat is Indispensable; Trim One Fur with Anotherarticle
171 San Juan Record1930-12-183Identified at Oncearticle
172 San Juan Record1930-12-183Not the Baker's Wayarticle
173 San Juan Record1930-12-183Japanese Girl's Bedarticle
174 San Juan Record1930-12-183Bouquet for Dadarticle
175 San Juan Record1930-12-183Uncover Buried Cities Lost to Remembrancearticle
151 - 175 of 8,153