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151 Uintah Basin Standard1958-01-163Engagement of Popular Couple Toldwedding
152 Uintah Basin Standard1958-01-165Married Jan. 15wedding
153 Uintah Basin Standard1958-01-234December Wedding Revealed by Couple Recentlywedding
154 Uintah Basin Standard1958-01-235Couple Recites Vows in Altamont; Complimented at Wedding Receptionwedding
155 Uintah Basin Standard1958-01-235Marriage Promises Pledged in Home Ceremony by Couplewedding
156 Uintah Basin Standard1958-01-235Reception Fetes Young Couplewedding
157 Uintah Basin Standard1958-01-236Engagement of Miss Marlene Brown Revealedwedding
158 Uintah Basin Standard1958-01-302Ioka Ward Mutual Will Present 'Shotgun Wedding'wedding
159 Uintah Basin Standard1958-01-303June Wedding Plans Being Made by Maxine Hurleywedding
160 Uintah Basin Standard1958-01-308Betrothal of Former Y Coed, Colene Bench, Announcedwedding
161 Uintah Basin Standard1958-02-063June Wedding Planned by Popular Young Couplewedding
162 Uintah Basin Standard1958-02-063Miss Marta Morrill Co Wedwedding
163 Uintah Basin Standard1958-02-133Couple Wed in Salt Lake Temple Ceremonywedding
164 Uintah Basin Standard1958-02-133Valentine's Day Circled for Vernal Marriagewedding
165 Uintah Basin Standard1958-02-133Home Rites Unite Couplewedding
166 Uintah Basin Standard1958-02-203Engagement of Miss Lila Gomm to LaDec Bagley Announced This Weekwedding
167 Uintah Basin Standard1958-02-2073 Couples Get Marriage Licenses during Januarywedding
168 Uintah Basin Standard1958-02-2011Wedding Reception Honors Just-Wedswedding
169 Uintah Basin Standard1958-02-273Engagement of Miss Gwenna McKee to Mr. Stanley Morrill is Announcedwedding
170 Uintah Basin Standard1958-02-273Engagement of Popular Couple Revealedwedding
171 Uintah Basin Standard1958-02-2712Temple Marriage is Performedwedding
172 Uintah Basin Standard1958-03-203Wedded Couple Leaves for Ten-Day Honeymoon Tripwedding
173 Uintah Basin Standard1958-03-203Marriage of Interestwedding
174 Uintah Basin Standard1958-03-273Engagement of Betty Ruth Mckee Revealedwedding
175 Uintah Basin Standard1958-03-273Mid-March Wedding Unites Couple in Salt Lake Citywedding
151 - 175 of 966