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151 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1915-12-173Local Newswedding
152 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1915-12-174Married Thanksgiving Daywedding
153 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1915-12-242Crowds Cheer President and Bridewedding
154 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1915-12-243Wilson Wedding a Family Affairwedding
155 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1915-12-315Celebrate their Golden Weddingwedding
156 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1916-01-078Married to Eight Womenwedding
157 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1916-01-143Marriage Licenses Issuedwedding
158 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1916-02-183Feel Shortage of Wedding Ringswedding
159 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1916-02-184Marriage Licenseswedding
160 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1916-02-253Marriage Vs. Common Sensewedding
161 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1916-03-318Marriage Licenseswedding
162 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1916-04-287Marriage Licenseswedding
163 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1916-05-196Young Marburg and his Bridewedding
164 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1916-05-261Marriage Licenseswedding
165 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1916-06-161Marriage Licenseswedding
166 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1916-06-231Wedding Bellswedding
167 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1916-06-231Celebrate their Golden Weddingwedding
168 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1916-06-232Mrs. John Jacob Astor to Wedwedding
169 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1916-06-301Celebrate Silver Weddingwedding
170 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1916-06-301Marriage Licenseswedding
171 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1916-06-302Rancher and Bride Murderedwedding
172 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1916-07-071Wedding Bellswedding
173 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1916-07-283At a Weddingwedding
174 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1916-07-283Marriage not the way Outwedding
175 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1916-09-018Local Newswedding
151 - 175 of 1,378