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151 Morgan County News1950-09-291Morgan Couple Are Married on September 15wedding
152 Morgan County News1950-11-031Reception Fetes Newlyweddedwedding
153 Morgan County News1950-11-241Miss Newbold Frank Little Now Marriedwedding
154 Morgan County News1950-12-296Plans Nuptialswedding
155 Morgan County News1951-03-161Engagement of Morgan Miss is Announcedwedding
156 Morgan County News1951-06-081Couple Plan to Wed in Manti Templewedding
157 Morgan County News1951-06-151Marriedwedding
158 Morgan County News1951-06-221Couple Wed in Logan Templewedding
159 Morgan County News1951-07-133Of Interest to Womenwedding
160 Morgan County News1951-07-203Leah Ann Larson, Willis J. Edgel Are Wed July 10wedding
161 Morgan County News1951-09-211Vada Smith and Robert Brimley Wed, on Sept. 15wedding
162 Morgan County News1951-09-282Of Interest to Womenwedding
163 Morgan County News1951-11-235Wedding Announcementswedding
164 Morgan County News1951-11-301Marriage Licensewedding
165 Morgan County News1951-12-071Marriage License Issuedwedding
166 Morgan County News1952-02-012Of Interest to Womenwedding
167 Morgan County News1952-02-221Marriage License Issuedwedding
168 Morgan County News1952-04-043Societywedding
169 Morgan County News1952-04-253Glenna Kilburn and Fred Murphy Jr. Are Married, April 13wedding
170 Morgan County News1952-04-253Marriage Licenses Issuedwedding
171 Morgan County News1952-06-131Marriage License Issuedwedding
172 Morgan County News1952-07-041Marriage Licenses Issuedwedding
173 Morgan County News1952-07-043Jerry Rock Weds Ogden Misswedding
174 Morgan County News1952-07-251Married in Mid-Junewedding
175 Morgan County News1952-07-251Marriage License Issuedwedding
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