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151 Springville Herald1925-02-271Child is Burieddeath
152 Springville Herald1925-02-271Woman Dies of Pneumoniadeath
153 Springville Herald1925-02-273Child Dies of Pneumoniadeath
154 Springville Herald1925-03-061Bridge Man Dies in Provodeath
155 Springville Herald1925-03-061Young Mother Dies in Provodeath
156 Springville Herald1925-03-131[Illegible] Service Helddeath
157 Springville Herald1925-03-131Springville Man Succumbsdeath
158 Springville Herald1925-03-132Aged Woman Passes Awaydeath
159 Springville Herald1925-03-132Blacksmith Died Sundaydeath
160 Springville Herald1925-03-132Young Payson Woman Burieddeath
161 Springville Herald1925-03-132Young Woman Dies in Provodeath
162 Springville Herald1925-03-201Frank Curtis Passes away in Nevadadeath
163 Springville Herald1925-03-201Net Crandall Buried Fridaydeath
164 Springville Herald1925-03-271Holds Funeral Then Finds Babydeath
165 Springville Herald1925-03-271Frank Curtis Laid to Restdeath
166 Springville Herald1925-03-271Twins Follow Each other Even in Deathdeath
167 Springville Herald1925-03-272Old Resident of Provo Diesdeath
168 Springville Herald1925-03-274James Mcbeth Dies in Paysondeath
169 Springville Herald1925-04-031Provo Man is Laid to Restdeath
170 Springville Herald1925-04-101Leo Harding Meets Death in Accidentsdeath
171 Springville Herald1925-04-101Springville Pioneer Dies at Old Agedeath
172 Springville Herald1925-04-101Farmer Dies at Mapletondeath
173 Springville Herald1925-04-101Hyrum Scovil Laid to Restdeath
174 Springville Herald1925-04-171[Illegible] War Veteran is Laid to Restdeath
175 Springville Herald1925-04-171Local Newsdeath
151 - 175 of 5,469