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151 Richfield Reaper1914-04-021Death of Lambs Investigateddeath
152 Richfield Reaper1914-04-021Old-Time River Man Diesdeath
153 Richfield Reaper1914-04-161Popular Monroe Lady Calleddeath
154 Richfield Reaper1914-04-301Dr. J. B. Loring Dies Very Suddenlydeath
155 Richfield Reaper1914-04-301Mrs. Susannah Lisonbee Diesdeath
156 Richfield Reaper1914-05-061Samuel Wilkinson Claimed by Deathdeath
157 Richfield Reaper1914-05-213Toll of Deadly Sheep Tickdeath
158 Richfield Reaper1914-05-281Jacob Rils Deaddeath
159 Richfield Reaper1914-06-041Mrs. Simon Christensen Diesdeath
160 Richfield Reaper1914-06-181Dies after Long Illnessdeath
161 Richfield Reaper1914-07-101Funeral Services Held for Orville Snedegerdeath
162 Richfield Reaper1914-07-101General Itemsdeath
163 Richfield Reaper1914-08-201Germany Steadily Advancing on Francedeath
164 Richfield Reaper1914-09-101Dies after Long Illnessdeath
165 Richfield Reaper1914-09-241Chtistian Hansen Diesdeath
166 Richfield Reaper1914-10-151King of Rumania Deaddeath
167 Richfield Reaper1914-10-228"Mother Prindle" Diesdeath
168 Richfield Reaper1914-10-297Dead Soldier's Giftdeath
169 Richfield Reaper1914-11-191Idol of British Empire Deaddeath
170 Richfield Reaper1914-11-195Girl's Death a Mysterydeath
171 Richfield Reaper1914-11-195George F. Dick Deaddeath
172 Richfield Reaper1914-11-198Humanitarian Diesdeath
173 Richfield Reaper1914-11-261Death Ends Long Servicedeath
174 Richfield Reaper1914-11-268Dies at Age of 102death
175 Richfield Reaper1914-12-101Aged Monroe Pioneer Calleddeath
151 - 175 of 934