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151 Rich County Reaper1938-07-081Funeral Service Held for Don McKinnondeath
152 Rich County Reaper1938-07-086How to Kill Treesdeath
153 Rich County Reaper1938-08-051George T. Gunn Dies at Evanstondeath
154 Rich County Reaper1938-09-162Dead Woman's Eyes Give Sight to Man and Youthdeath
155 Rich County Reaper1938-09-231Lemual Mckinnon Funeral Helddeath
156 Rich County Reaper1938-10-211Funeral Services for Carl Julius Johnsondeath
157 Rich County Reaper1938-10-284Honor Indian Chief Who Saw Death of Tecumsehdeath
158 Rich County Reaper1938-11-251Funeral Service Held at Evanstondeath
159 Rich County Reaper1939-04-073CCC at Crossroads on 6th Birthday; Alternatives: Militarization or Deathdeath
160 Rich County Reaper1939-04-1410Mrs. Mae Coggins Diesdeath
161 Rich County Reaper1939-06-021Aged Pioneer Sister Called by Deathdeath
162 Rich County Reaper1939-06-231Death Ends Long Useful, Career of James Brown, Sr.death
163 Rich County Reaper1939-06-301Mrs. Sarah Pope Dies at Montpelierdeath
164 Rich County Reaper1939-07-071Death Ends Life of Woodruff Pioneerdeath
165 Rich County Reaper1939-07-141Woodruff Newsdeath
166 Rich County Reaper1939-07-285Crop Rotation Kills Many Insect Pestsdeath
167 Rich County Reaper1939-08-041Youths Barely Escape Death in Auto Accidentdeath
168 Rich County Reaper1939-08-041Death Claims Prominent L. D. S. Officialdeath
169 Rich County Reaper1939-08-181Young Mother Called by Deathdeath
170 Rich County Reaper1939-09-017Floyd Gibbons' Adventurers' Clubdeath
171 Rich County Reaper1939-10-131Deronda Nebeker Dies of Cancerdeath
172 Rich County Reaper1939-10-131Local Newsdeath
173 Rich County Reaper1939-11-245Battle to Deathdeath
174 Rich County Reaper1939-11-248Time of Death Undetermineddeath
175 Rich County Reaper1939-12-011The War Fever Diesdeath
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