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151 Piute County News1937-04-161Funeral Services Held at Marysvale for Forrest Kingdeath
152 Piute County News1926-10-153First Democratic Goveenor Diesdeath
153 Piute County News1927-09-161Nellie Elder Barnson Buried on Thursdaydeath
154 Piute County News1931-04-035Young Girl Dies of Meningitisdeath
155 Piute County News1933-08-111The Gateway to Scenic Southern Utahdeath
156 Piute County News1932-02-264Escalante Matron Passesdeath
157 Piute County News1929-03-013Joseph Jorgensen Jr. Dies at Ordervilledeath
158 Piute County News1928-03-091Frank Lang Dies from Gunshot Wounddeath
159 Piute County News1928-12-141Tom Haycock of Panguitch Passesdeath
160 Piute County News1927-04-294Kill All Garden Pests before They Get Startdeath
161 Piute County News1926-12-031James H. Stocks Diesdeath
162 Piute County News1925-07-172Embezzler Fails to Get Killeddeath
163 Piute County News1936-03-271Freddie Gene Gardiner Passes Awaydeath
164 Piute County News1926-12-037Forty Killed in Tornadoesdeath
165 Piute County News1933-03-102George Washington's Travelsdeath
166 Piute County News1936-02-281Aged Tropic Pioneer Dies Feb, Sixteenthdeath
167 Piute County News1936-06-261John A. Mooredeath
168 Piute County News1930-05-168John S. Rollo Dies in the Harnessdeath
169 Piute County News1931-11-065Andrew Jackman Riggs Passesdeath
170 Piute County News1926-02-057Seaman Killed on Destroyerdeath
171 Piute County News1933-04-074Funeral Services for Bernard Barnsondeath
172 Piute County News1928-06-013W. L. Warnerdeath
173 Piute County News1926-07-093Funeral Services for Early Pioneer Are Helddeath
174 Piute County News1931-04-244Funeral Services for John Henry Churchdeath
175 Piute County News1936-07-171Ern Peterson Passesdeath
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