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151 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-01-096Frightened to Deathdeath
152 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-01-096Steamer Sinks off Sandy Hookdeath
153 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-01-162[Illegible] Storm in Russiadeath
154 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-01-162Noted Educator Diesdeath
155 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-01-162Noted Educator Diesdeath
156 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-01-236Coxey's Lieutenant Deaddeath
157 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-01-236General Picquart Deaddeath
158 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-01-236Goes Smilingly to Deathdeath
159 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-01-236Seven Shot to Deathdeath
160 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-01-301Finds his Brother Dying with his Throat Cutdeath
161 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-02-062Two Score Meet Death When Ship Goes Downdeath
162 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-02-063Pioneer Irrigationist Deisdeath
163 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-02-063Congressman Bremner Dyingdeath
164 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-02-063Villa Executes Plotterdeath
165 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-02-131Mrs. Adelia Young Died in Hospitaldeath
166 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-02-135Life History of Great Presidentdeath
167 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-02-136Oldest Banker Deaddeath
168 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-02-136Arctic Survivor Deaddeath
169 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-02-136Passengers Meet Death in the Cumbre Tunneldeath
170 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-02-136Whole Villages Burieddeath
171 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-02-206General Clay's Widow Deaddeath
172 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-02-206Senator Bacon is Deaddeath
173 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-02-206Steamer on Shoalsdeath
174 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-02-207Geordie and his Wheelbarrowdeath
175 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-02-273Ex-Senator H. M. Teller Answers Final Summonsdeath
151 - 175 of 3,751