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151 Milford News1938-03-032Princess Beatrixbirth
152 Milford News1938-03-245Born Blindbirth
153 Milford News1938-03-313New Star is Bornbirth
154 Milford News1938-04-141Birth of Grandsonbirth
155 Milford News1938-04-214John Muir's Birthdaybirth
156 Milford News1938-05-053Picture Paradebirth
157 Milford News1938-06-167Child Born with all Musclesbirth
158 Milford News1938-08-112Big Asia may be too Small for Stuborn Russia, Japan for Stubborn Russia, Japanbirth
159 Milford News1938-08-113Clara Bow's Sonbirth
160 Milford News1938-09-088Rabbits Very Small at Birthbirth
161 Milford News1938-10-133Announcing Birth of Babybirth
162 Milford News1938-10-272Birds can Fly at Birthbirth
163 Milford News1938-11-103Blackstone Born in Londonbirth
164 Milford News1938-11-173Born Greatbirth
165 Milford News1938-12-153Born in U. S., Longer a Citizenbirth
166 Milford News1939-01-121Plans Underway for Birthday Ballbirth
167 Milford News1939-02-022"Happy Birthday" Had but Little Meaning for Man Whom Americans Honor on February 12 Each Yearbirth
168 Milford News1939-03-091Invitations for Legion Birthdaybirth
169 Milford News1939-03-231Triplets Celebrate Fourth Birthdaybirth
170 Milford News1939-04-275Mother, 13 Years Old, to Celebrate Birthdaybirth
171 Milford News1939-04-277Clippers Born in 1843birth
172 Milford News1939-07-202Locomotive 'Celebrates' 35th Birthdaybirth
173 Milford News1939-07-202Mother's 'Breath of Life' Saves Unconscious Infantbirth
174 Milford News1939-07-204Happy Birthdaybirth
175 Milford News1939-07-207Strange Birth Storybirth
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